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Hustle. Good things come to those who hustle. Hustle hard. When you rest, you rust. Ingredients for happiness: wifi, caffeine, hustle, a dream.

This is just a sliver of the sampling I found for motivational quotes on hustling. The message I constantly hear, especially as a creative trying to forge my own path is DON’T STOP. It’s all up to you. If your wheels are not always moving forward in self-promotion, you’re dying. You’re losing momentum. But who made these rules? What if the shape of their life is completely different than mine?

Who says the measure of success is money and power or recognition? What if it’s really time? Time to take care of myself and my family well, to live on purpose, not accident. To make a life, not just a living. What if it’s something else?

We easily get caught up in the idea that in order to be successful, here’s a list of tasks you need to constantly be doing. I’m a goal-oriented person and I love lists. But I’m beginning to see that almost more important than the goal is the answer to the question, “How will reaching this goal make my life better?” Will it give me more freedom? More time? More money? More energy? More connectedness? What is it for?

Even more important is the question, “How do I want to feel?” I don’t want to feel scattered and stressed. I don’t want to be so busy that I’m missing out on all the ingredients that define my success and a good life.

We need a new metric for success. I don’t want to chase followers, or numbers, or a full calendar. I’ve done busy. It’s overrated. I want to live on purpose this one wild and precious life I have, to love my people well, to invest in my friends and family.

The idea of “the hustle” blinds us to asking why and keeps us just doing the next thing we think we’re supposed to do. When we give ourselves permission to create our own version of success, we might just find that the life we were hustling for all along is the one we’re living.

– Jessica Uhler | Jessica Uhler Photography


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  1. Oh so true! I don’t often comment on blogs, but I just had to say thank you for putting into words exactly what I have been experiencing this past year.

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