Using window light to create awesome photos

Making the most of natural light means that you don’t need to use your camera’s flash. But there’s more to light than just finding a bright room or walking outside. You can create several different looks with one simple window. Here are five of our favorites to play around with this weekend!

Light it up First, the basics. Place yourself between the window and your subject. Even in a dim room, the window will bathe your subject in light and eliminate your need for a flash. Be sure to pay attention to your body placement so that you don’t cast your own shadow onto your subject.

Image by Molly Flanagan


Image by We Are The Parsons


Highlight your subject Next, trade places! Place your subject in between you and the window to create a silhouette. If the room is dark you won’t be able to light your subject, but by exposing for the window behind your subject you’ll create a cool silhouette.

Image by Amy Messenger


Image by Kellie Hatcher

Create depth Take advantage of side lighting to create depth. You can add some serious mood to an image by placing your subject in front of the window and moving to the side. Expose for the area where the light is hitting your subject and let the other areas fall into the shadows.

Image by Kristin Rogers


Image by Zalmy Berkowitz

Add interest Use the blinds and harsh sunlight to make bold statement. Pay attention to the way light comes into your home during the day and choose a window that gets direct sun – then go crazy with it! By keeping the blinds down and open, you can create dramatic shadows and patterns. 

Image by Kellie Hatcher


Image by Posy Quarterman

Soften Diffuse your light with a curtain. Sometimes you don’t want the harsh shadows or blown out highlights next to a bright window. Pulling a sheer curtain or shade or even hanging a light sheet can give you just a touch of softness and even lighting across your subject

Image by Molly Flanagan

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