Terms and Conditions

Payment is due in full at the time of registration.

Interactive Classes will consist of 3-6 lessons, depending on the class, and the lessons will be accessible through the class forum.


The classes will utilize a forum in which the participants and instructors can post photographs and write messages to each other. Participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and professionally – that is, they are expected to be respectful of each other’s work and writings, to refrain from stealing or copying others’ work, and to photograph only tasteful and legal subjects.

The Define School and the instructors reserve the right to remove any postings which in their sole discretion violate these rules or other reasonable standards of conduct.

Severe or repeated violations of the rules of decorum may result in removal from the class, without a refund.

The forum will remain open and accessible to registered users indefinitely after class ends, but teachers will only be active and engaged during the stated class period.


While we encourage students to share their work with their family and friends and for family and friends to be involved in their work, each lesson is intended only for the class participant; a registered person may not share a lesson and multiple people may not participate in a class under one purchase.


If a person is already teaching or planning within one calendar year to teach on a similar subject being taught at The Define School they will not be allowed to register for that class. We believe that plagiarism in any form is unacceptable, and we strive to protect our teachers. Registered students found out to be teaching a class or workshop on similar material will result in removal from the class without a refund.


Due to the nature of instant digital downloads, refunds on our Independent Studies are not issued after purchase.


If a student chooses to withdraw from a class after registering, but prior to the first day of class, the cost of the class will be refunded, less a $50 withdrawal fee per class. Once class begins, refunds cannot be issued for withdrawals.

We love our students and think our classes are top-notch. Our teachers give these classes their all and our successful students do, too. For the best experience, we encourage each student to be an active participant (asking at least one question per week and participating in at least one discussion per week) in the class by engaging in the lessons and turning in homework. If you pour yourself into a class and are not completely satisfied, we want to know! Please email us at info@thedefineschool.com with information about the class you are currently taking.

By purchasing an independent study or registering for a class, you acknowledge that you have read and consent to these terms of use and the general thedefineschool.com privacy policy.