One Picture Workplace: Manchik Photography


Not only are they a phenomenal team of photographers, Julia and Yuriy Manchik are deskmates at their home office in Seattle. After a long search for the perfect desk big enough for two, Yuriy decided to build this one himself. The calendars are all Julia- she designs and makes new ones for their desk and wall every year.

Julia likes to listen to music while she works and Yuriy prefers playing movies or TED talks on the side, so they have to take turns like a good married couple. Luckily, they work really well together.

This post is part of our “One Picture Workplace” series, a project dedicated to celebrating the vastly different places we photographers call “offices”- large, small, non-traditional, modern, simple, or makeshift. In just one image we offer a peek into some of our favorite artists’ workplaces at home, in a studio, or on the road.


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