Our May 2018 Class Lineup – A Quick Guide

Overwhelmed by the choices? Our class guide will help you find the perfect course for you! Our interactive online photography classes all take place in our private forum with a real-live teacher and a group of fellow students walking through four weeks of learning with you. If you’re new to DEFINE, you can learn more about how it works here.

All listed classes begin May 7th, and registration opens April 2nd.

Perfect for pro photographers who shoot at the beach and parents who photograph their own families, Beach Photography 101 with Mali Workman gives you all the tools you need for capturing incredible beach images. Learn how to work with natural light at the beach, from taking advantage of the “golden hour” to working around the challenges of bright, harsh light; explore camera settings; and play with creativity in composition, movement, and emotion to make images with impact.

Perfect if you’re… an occasional or frequent beach photographer and you want to feel confident that you can capture amazing photos each time you set foot in the sand.


If you feel like you have lost your voice, have become dependent on other people’s work to define your own, or want to grow in the plethora of ways you interact with your clients, then Connection is Your (New) Business with Christopher Messenger is for you. Hospitality is no longer just for restaurants and hotels – fostering this culture of care in your photography will rekindle why you picked up the camera in the first place and make your professionalism stand out from the crowd.

Perfect if you’re… eager to connect with your art and your clients in a unique way and create a culture of care that flows out of your work and enhances your life and those around you.


Are you lacking ideas or inspiration for your work? Do you have the ideas for a personal project percolating but aren’t sure how or where to start? This class is for you! Foundations of Personal Projects with Jessica Uhler will guide you through finding your creative voice so that you can apply that to work that feeds your artistic soul.

Perfect if you’re… feeling drained or unfocused and want to discover (or rediscover) your voice and get to work on a project to fuel your soul.


Dig deeper and explore your creativity with Sharon Covert as your guide, pushing past experimentation and building your self-portraiture and portraiture techniques through the use of available natural light – all without compositing or using advanced Photoshop techniques. Whether this is your first time experimenting with self-portraiture or you’ve been looking to take your self-portraits to the next level, Expressive Self Portraiture is designed to help you release your personal stories from deep within.

Perfect if you’re… ready to move past the basic selfie, whether you’re creating personal private work or hoping to branch out into the world of fine art photography and exhibitions.


Our writing course Your Spirit in Words + Imagery with photographer and songwriter Amy Messenger was created just for photographers. Learn to connect deeply to your imagery and speak from a place inside your spirit that invites your readers and clients to a more meaningful engagement with your work – your website, blog, or social media posts.

Perfect if you’re… looking to sharpen your writing skills in your professional or personal life or just want to expand your creativity.



Go beyond merely taking a pretty picture. Visual Storytelling will equip you with the tools to step away from typical photographer-driven pictures and learn to let life speak for itself. Whether taking pictures around your home, documenting a vacation or event, photographing families or covering weddings, Molly Flanagan will teach you to capture a complete story through your own personal style using all of your senses.

Perfect if you’re… interested in training your eyes to better see the story before you and learning the techniques to best convey that message.


Lightroom is incredible – and overwhelming. Living in Lightroom will start with the most basic features – uploading your images – and work through organizing, editing, and making books and galleries. With daily emails from Kellie Hatcher and video tutorials along with your written lessons, you’ll maximize your efficiency and speed up your workflow with functions you didn’t even know existed!

Perfect if you’re… brand new to Lightroom, or a self-taught user that’s missing out on the full capabilities of the program or feeling intimidated to tackle a new workflow.

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