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The Holidays are filled with love, light, laughter, and joy. And at this time of year when gifts need to be purchased and wrapped, trees need to be trimmed, family and friends celebrated, and turkeys roasted, it’s hard to focus on what life looks like after the decorations are put away and all you’re left with is the winter weather outside your window.

January can feel cold and empty and not incredibly inspiring for artists. It’s typically a time for left-brained activities like planning, organizing and budgeting; activities that we often find ourselves being dragged to reluctantly.

But two of our talented teachers want to change that for you this coming January, turning your winter slump into an opportunity to kick-start 2016 with renewed energy, focus, and enthusiasm for your craft and your business.


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In Forward Momentum: New Year,  Best You, Posy Quarterman wants you to use 2015’s work as fuel to stoke the creative fire in the coming year. “January is all about cleaning up the previous year (physically and mentally) so I can have the space and energy to embark on a badass new year,” says Posy. “My class is basically my way of ensuring we don’t fall into a late-winter slump. It’s a four week plan of attack of the most creative kind.”

In her class she’ll walk you through a  game plan to share your previous year’s achievements as well as plan for the future, emerging with a printed book of your 2015 work and a Year in Review blog post. All of which will remind you of the growth you have already achieved while giving you a solid platform to springboard from for your next creative leap.


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Meanwhile, if you’ve been stuck with your business in the past year, Audrey Blake Breheney’s Breaking Through will be just the catalyst you need to ensure 2016 is the year you get over those hurdles. Maybe you know you need something to shift, you know you need to change it up, create a better plan for success, but you just don’t know where to begin. Audrey’s unique approach to growing a family lifestyle business, drawing on her experiences in theater and technology, will give you strategies you can use throughout the year to break away from the pack of photographers in your market this coming year.



Whether you need a creative or strategic boost, both classes give you the opportunity to start 2016 off on the right foot – focused, recharged, and ready to make it your best year ever!


We are also offering Video and iPhoneography classes this January. You can see our full line-up of January classes here. Class starts January 4th 2016.


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