Left Brain: Starter Tips for Self Portraits /// by Sharon Covert

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of a self-portrait. Exposing yourself can feel intimidating.

Does a self-portrait have to include your face or show all of you? No! A large percentage of my self-portraits do not show my face. There are many ways to conceal your face, whether it be by a mask, your hair or a wig, a hat, shadows, flowers and leaves, shooting yourself from behind, fabric, or a veil. Get creative with it!

You can also tell a story just by capturing an image of your hands or other body parts. Hands themselves hold and tell such a beautiful story. Try taking an unconventional approach to making a self-portrait to begin with if you are feeling hesitant or uncomfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera.

Self-portraiture can really be so deep and personal. It can be downright scary!

I want you to know this, though – your story is important no matter how minute you may think it is. You are worthy and your voice calls to be expressed and heard. Give yourself a break from being your harshest critic and allow for self-love.


You might feel uncomfortable at first being the subject of your own work. You may even feel you are being narcissistic. Allow yourself to almost separate yourself from your self-portraits. Think of yourself as a character in your life story… After all, you can’t leave out the main character in a story.

Sharon Covert teaches Expressive Self Portraiture, a four-week course on self-expression using various techniques and natural lighting to create and tell your story through dramatic self-portraiture.

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