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The Inspired Home


The Inspired Home


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Author: Kristin Rogers

I believe in intentional living.  I try to practice living intentionally on a daily basis in my home as a wife and a homeschooling mom. We are not promised tomorrow, so each moment of today matters. I strive to be purposeful in each one of my life’s roles, namely: wife, mom, teacher, friend, and photographer.

I believe the home can be an endless source of inspiration when viewed with a fresh perspective and creative lens. Even on the days we feel we are drowning in the mundane, there is a treasure trove of magic to capture. As a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and owner of my own photography business, I have learned a great deal about bringing fun to each of these roles. I have also had to learn how to employ creativity while balancing effectiveness and efficiency. My evolution has instilled in me valuable lessons about managing priorities and keeping life in sharp focus according to what is valued most.

In my e-course, I teach on fundamental yet inspiring topics related to iPhoneography, home life, and managing it all with joy and thankfulness.

Topics Covered:

  • How to create beautiful iPhone images by using available light and editing apps.
  • Being a creative parent and capturing those day-to-day moments while remaining a part of them.
  • How being a present parent and spouse inspires our businesses and the art we produce.
  • How to balance the challenging task of in-home and out-of-home roles.

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Is this instant-download e-course for you?

This e-course is for those who desire to see their homes as the area of richest inspiration and creativity in their lives. We all have the tools to make that happen; sometimes we simply need the help of a mentor to bring it to its fullest potential.

In addition, this class is for those who feel bogged down by the misnomer of balancing in-home and out-of-home responsibilities and need a fresh perspective.

Lastly, this e-course is for those of you who are seeking tips and techniques on how to capture the day-to-day while remaining a very present part of the day-to-day (YES, it can be done!).


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    Thank you so much Kristin Rogers. you were a great inspiration. This class has been an eye opener for me. I’ve learned not just from you but from the other students as well. All of you are amazing. You inspired me to be a better photographer, wife and mother.

  2. :

    Thank you so much Kristin Rogers! This month has been jam packed full of inspiration, encouragement, and a whole lot of “RAD”! The thing I’m taking with me the most from this class is a better understanding of what makes my heart skip a beat and the permission to allow myself to pursue those things. That beauty is always found in those moments. And to simplify… Remembering that my family needs me to cultivate a warmth and creativity in our home that has the capability of transforming our family dynamic. What a blessing.

  3. :

    Thanks for the amazzzing class, definitely inspiring…. In all aspects! I walk away from our class with a new love of capturing moments, finding light and rediscovering the once mundane moments.

  4. :

    BEST CLASS EVER. You won’t be the same after – I’m so inspired in so many ways!

  5. :

    Learned soooo much from this class! Kristin Rogers is such a great teacher. She’s a good person and she shares a lot of her own experiences in the class. She doesn’t hold back in teaching and is all out!! Definitely recommend this to anyone who is into photography – beginner or not.

  6. :

    Kristin Rogers, you said one of your goals for this class was that we would never see light the same way and your goal has been accomplished with me! Thank you, thank you, thank youu for all your time and energy and creativity and gracious teaching words! You’re a great teacher and I’ve learned so much! I can see the difference in my pictures! 🙂 I’m so grateful!

  7. :

    I must say your class has been so awesome and I’m loving my iPhone so much more now! One of my goals for 2013 was to get a photo featured with Learn Shoot Inspire…and they featured it last week! That wouldn’t have happened without you and your teachings. So thank you for helping me accomplish a goal of mine! I truly appreciate you and your class so much!

  8. :

    I am loving The Inspired Home class I’m taking through the Define School with Kristin Rogers. Only on the first lesson and already my creative juices are percolating!

  9. :

    I just read the lesson for week 3 and it is so inspiring Kristin Rogers… I am so excited for my little one to come and the lesson just adds to the excitement!! So glad I took this class!! 🙂

  10. :

    The Inspired Home wasn’t just an online class. It was a lovely lesson in how to be a better person. Also a great lesson in taking better pictures with my phone, but mostly, the points Kristin made about being present with my family will forever change my perspective as a mother and wife. It helped me get my priorities straight.

    It was such a needed thing for me right now and I’m so happy I was able to get in to take advantage of all she offered.

    Thanks for creating such a cool online class option!

  11. :

    Just want to thank Kristin Rogers for this amazing lesson. I’ve been trying to make small changes for awhile now, attempting to not let my to-do list rule my day. It’s still a challenge for me.

    On Monday I sat down to read a lesson, relax awhile, surf the internet, etc. while my children were occupied with other things. But after I finished reading, I closed my laptop and went outside where my 7-year-old was digging for worms. Together, we spotted and temporarily captured a centipede! When I baked a cake, I grabbed my 3-year-old daughter and sat on the kitchen floor, licking a bowl of frosting clean with her.

    And guess what two stories were reported to Daddy at dinnertime that night? Finding centipedes and licking a frosting bowl. I’m so thankful I didn’t spend that time on my laptop like I had planned. It was a great start to a week of being a more present mom.

  12. :

    I have learned so much about photographing my family, I am loving my iPhone pictures even more than I used to and feeling inspired each time I get my phone out to look for pretty light and unusual composition! Thank you for all the help and guidance, such a wonderful class, I will highly recommend this to everyone!!

  13. :

    Thank you for the most inspirational lessons I have had in a long long time. My photos have a new life in them they never had before and I owe it to your class.

  14. :

    I had such an amazing time in this class, Kristin! You’ve been my photography role model for so long and it was a BLESSING getting to learn and study under you. You are a kindred spirit.

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