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Social Media | FB + Instagram


Social Media | FB + Instagram


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Author: Ben Sasso

This self paced class is broken down into five main sections (The Basics, Your Audience and You, Gaining Followers, Creating Investment, Interaction and Reach, and Posting ) that each include a few “homework assignments” for you to do on your own that will help you push your social media forward. Once you purchase the class, you will always be able to access it!

Topics Covered:

  • THE BASICS: Why social media is important, attracting the right audience for you, knowing your goals, giving people a reason to follow you, social media and credibility
  • GAINING FOLLOWERS ON FACEBOOK: Attracting people to your page, making it easy for clients to follow, leveraging relevant vendors, optimizing your website, optimizing your blog posts for sharing
  • GAINING FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM: Hashtags and geotags to gain followers, engaging to attract new followers, using Facebook to grow your Instagram, getting big brands post your work, swapping followers with fellow shooters
  • CREATING INVESTMENT: Ben’s two rules for fostering investment, creating lifelong fans, killer captions and why they are crucial, building buzz for your work
  • INTERACTION AND REACH: Getting your work in front of more fans, mutual relationships with your followers, tagging for reach, how Facebook stifles reach, how to punch Facebook in the face
  • POSTING KILLER CONTENT: How to always have content, when to post and how often, using FB and Insta analytics, keeping Facebook images sharp, scheduling posts and drafts

Over the past few years, Ben has built a relatively large base of followers on Facebook and Instagram which greatly boosted the health of his career. This class covers how he got there and the things he does that have brought him the most success- gaining followers on Facebook and Instagram, posting killer content, fostering engagement, creating lifelong fans, building buzz about your work and so much more. Great social media doesn’t just happen, and this class covers the hard work that goes in behind the scenes to make it rock.

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