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Shooting for Stock


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Maybe you’re already a lifestyle photographer and you have a growing library of awesome images, but you’re a little intimidated by jumping from client and personal work into submitting for stock photography. Or maybe you’ve been dancing around the idea of shooting stock, but you’re not quite sure how to manage it without turning every moment of your personal life into a potential stock moment.

This four-week class will walk you through everything you need to know to capture meaningful, marketable lifestyle images of everyday moments without compromising your style, overwhelming your family, or consuming your time.

Instructor Suzanne Gipson is one of Offset‘s most successful stock photographers, with images featured in national ad campaigns for brands like Whirlpool, Band-Aid, VISA, and Parents magazine. She’s developed a method that allows her to integrate shooting stock into her personal and professional life without sacrificing either.

Whether you are just stepping into the world of stock photography, searching for balance in photographing your own children for stock images, or looking to develop a cohesive plan for building your current stock portfolio, this class will give you the tools to shoot and share your work effectively.

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WEEK ONE: Shoot photos with meaning. Genuine expressions come from genuine moments, so learn how to create images that ooze true emotion.

WEEK TWO: The importance of perspective. If everyone was the same it would be a very boring world! This week you will learn how to see life from new angles and how composition ties it all together.

WEEK THREE: Shooting stock in your everyday life. Is your house filled with cluttered countertops, finger-smudged windows, and toddler temper tantrums? With a little bit of planning, you can still make billboard-worthy photographs of mundane moments.

WEEK FOUR: Shooting clients while thinking of stock. Your clients aren’t the only ones that love their pictures. Learn how you can turn your client sessions into potential stock contributions and shoot for clients and stock at the same time.

This class is presented by Offset by Shutterstock, a stock photography company that specializes in authentic, premium imagery. Shooting for Stock students will participate in a special stock challenge specifically for Offset at the end of the course. In addition, students that complete the course will receive priority consideration when applying to become Offset artists.

The Schedule

All participation and interaction for this class will take place in a private online forum. (Registered students will receive instructions on how to access the forum a few days before class begins.)

On the first Monday of class, Suzanne will share Lesson 1 in the forum and e-mail it to every student. She will be available during the week to answer questions and facilitate discussions in the forum as you read and work through your lessons.

Homework will be due on Sunday and personal critiques will take place the following Mondays. Each week will follow the same pattern.

The beauty of this class and every other class at DEFINE is that you can read, practice, and participate throughout the week whenever it is convenient for you- from any timezone, anywhere you have Internet access, at any time of day. Most students spend 3-5 hours per week “in class.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Is this class for you?

This class is for photographers that want to break into the world of lifestyle stock photography (food and product photography will not be covered) and develop a cohesive plan for building their current stock portfolio. It is ideal for photographers wondering how to balance shooting their own children for stock without letting it take over their family time. While the techniques discussed are applicable to all lifestyle stock photographers, course material will highlight Suzanne's experience working specifically with Offset. Students are expected to be confident in shooting manually and post-processing their images before taking this class.

Material(s) Needed

A dSLR camera and a computer. Adobe Lightroom is recommended.


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    I got a lot out of this class – I wish this would’ve lasted longer… it went SO fast! Wow!! Suzanne, I learned so much here and am finally excited about putting a stock portfolio together instead of dreading it. Thanks so much for all your time and great information!! I’m excited to see where everyone goes after this and am looking forward to keeping up with everyone via the FB group!

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    Thank you for a wonderful class! I highly recommend this class to everyone who is interested in a very thoughtful & insightful look into what stock companies are searching for. This class helped me refocus, literally, on how to reframe and capture more feeling that was missing from my work. Suzanne, you did a great job helping me reshape my vision and really notice details that I overlook, so I can continue to work in the direction of building a stock photography portfolio. There is such great balance between real life documentation and arranging your subject so your viewer feels and sees the meaningful ideas you are sharing. Thank you very much for keeping it laid back, yet challenging.

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    Suzanne, you taught me so many very valuable insights into lifestyle stock and in a clear concise manner. This has been a true turning point…thank you for the direction!

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