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Posing + Directing


Posing + Directing


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Author: Ben Sasso

This self-paced class covers every aspect of posing and directing from before you even show up on set through creating natural, fun, passionate, and spontaneous posing. Creating moods, flattering angles, tips for direction, easy variety, and so much more. You’ll be learning through breakdowns of every directing and posing trick Ben uses, videos, and TONS of example images to illustrate each tip.

Topics Covered:

  • PRE SHOOT: Showing your human side, getting comfortable with clients, gaining your subjects' trust, squashing their pre-shoot nerves, being a people person, setting expectations
  • ON SET: Keeping a comfortable set, keeping them excited and refreshed, bringing out a mood on set, confidence and trust, getting them to invest in your vision
  • POSING THEORY: Endless variations on single poses, easily capturing genuine moments, shot lists for organization and creativity, giving direction and creating scenes, posing to enhance specific moods, posing flow and efficiency
  • INDIVIDUALS: Lips, eyes and tons of expressions, flattering angles (legs, arms, body, etc!), TONS of tips for creating action, tricks for catching unique poses, video examples
  • COUPLES: Creating sweet and hilarious interaction, fostering spontaneity, using their love to create killer frames, Ben's favorite posing flows and actions, passionate and loving connections
  • BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS: To show how he poses and directs in action, Ben will be adding behind the scenes videos over the next few months! Regardless of when you purchase the course, you'll have access to any new material added!

You'll learn how to gain your clients trust so they invest in your vision, how to create a set that fosters awesome, how to naturally pose individuals and couples, how to create a posing flow that creates tons of variation, and how to create and capture genuine candid moments.


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