Living in Lightroom (independent study)

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Living in Lightroom Photo of family on the beach

Living in Lightroom (independent study)

$250.00 $100.00

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Teacher Kellie Hatcher

While so many use Lightroom, most photographers only touch the surface of this powerful photo editing program. Without the time or confidence to explore all of Lightroom’s features and capabilities, you’re missing out on a wealth of information and resources sitting right in front of you. Or maybe you have heard how Lightroom can streamline your workflow and increase your images’ consistency, saving you time and money, but you don’t know where to even start. If you have been waiting for some one to help you make that first step or guide you into a deeper knowledge of this incredible resource and tool, then wait no longer. Through in depth screencasts, written cliff notes and personal support on our online forum Kellie Hatcher will unlock the potential of the most efficient, affordable, powerful editing software that exists.

This course will run the gamut of Lightroom functions. You will start with the most basic features – uploading your images – and work through organizing, editing, and making books and galleries. You’ll maximize your efficiency and speed up your workflow with functions you didn’t even know existed!

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WEEK ONE: Working in the Library – everything to get your images into the program, organized, and ready to edit.

WEEK TWO: Almost everything you need to know about the Develop Module to make your images beautiful, including making your own presets! You will gain a deeper knowledge into adjusting white balance, exposure, sharpness, and WAY more.

WEEK THREE: How to use your Tool Chest! Dodge, burn, adjust color, clone and heal, radial and linear filters, oh my.

WEEK FOUR: Export your images for web and print, learn to make a slideshow, lay out and order books, make collages, and find useful plug-ins that will make your life more efficient!

The Schedule

This entire class will be taught through videos. All participation and interaction for this class will take place in a private online forum. (Registered students will receive instructions on how to access the forum a few days before class begins.)

On the first Monday of class, Kellie will share the Lesson 1 video and cliff notes to follow along in the forum and e-mail it to every student. She will also be available during the week to answer questions and facilitate discussions in the forum as you watch and work through your lessons.

Homework will be due on Sunday and critiques/reviews will take place the following Monday. Each week will follow the same pattern.

The beauty of this class and every other class at DEFINE is that you can watch, practice, and participate throughout the week whenever it is convenient for you- from any timezone, anywhere you have Internet access, at any time of day. Most students spend 3-5 hours per week “in class.”

If you have any questions please feel free to email

Is this class for you?

This is class is for beginning to experienced photographers that want to learn more about Lightroom.

Material(s) Needed

A camera, a computer, and Adobe Lightroom



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    I am a self-taught hobbyist photographer. I had gotten to the point where I wanted to take my imagery to the next level with editing, however it seemed too daunting to teach myself Lightroom. THIS class was the answer to all of my questions and the perfect kick-start to getting me working in the program. Kellie is such a generous teacher. She held my hand the whole way, answering all my newbie questions and providing video tutorials for specific questions. I have gone from being scared to open the program to having the tools I need to organize and edit my images! Now I look forward to refining all that Kellie has taught me.

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    You know how our cameras, and various other electronics, do a THOUSAND things and sometimes it feels like you are just at the tip of the iceberg? You go on and on and on just fine only knowing what you know … until all of a sudden your knowledge triples! Often over the course of the class I’ve felt overwhelmed! But it was an EXCITED overwhelmed. There is SO MUCH IN LIGHTROOM to know and learn. Each week I’ve uncovered more and more surprises that will not only improve my workflow, but the quality I OUTPUT. It’s so exciting! This class EXCEEDED my expectations and took my photography to the next level! Thanks Kellie!

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Living in Lightroom Photo of family on the beach

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