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Everyday Light Clinic


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Teacher Kellie Hatcher

Many photographers shy away from carrying their camera during times of day with less-than-ideal lighting. Not anymore! This class will empower you to shoot at anytime of day with confidence. There is no substitute for knowing how natural light works and understanding how to use it to your advantage.

Everyday Light Clinic will thoroughly cover indoor and outdoor light and teach you how to control and manipulate the light on your subjects.

This three-week class contains nine lessons and nine challenges to keep you moving through lighting scenarios and building on each concept. Every assignment turned in will receive personal feedback and advice from Kellie! Feedback on images may include written response, videos, and recorded critiques.

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WEEK ONE: Reading the Light Indoors – Study how the source of light and its proximity to your subject influence your final image.

WEEK TWO: Owning the Light Outdoors – Banish your preconceived notions about outdoor light and discover that you actually can shoot any time, not just during “golden hour”! You’ll learn how to evaluate your surroundings and find a good location ten steps out your front door, and you’ll learn to adapt and adjust your image for the lighting conditions on the fly.

WEEK THREE: Controlling the Light Anywhere – Low light conditions can make powerful images and bright light conditions can be tamed. Learn how to direct, control, and even stop the light by using curtains, flashlights, headlights, and dark backgrounds. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to experiment with!

The Schedule

All participation and interaction for this class will take place in a private online forum. (Registered students will receive instructions on how to access the forum a few days before class begins.)

On the first Monday of class, Kellie will share Lesson 1 in the forum. She will also be available during the week to answer questions and facilitate discussions in the forum as you read and work through your lessons.

While most of our DEFINE courses follow a weekly-lesson format, this class is unique – new assignments will be sent out every few days, for a total of nine shorter lessons and assignments. Kellie will offer feedback on every assignment.

The beauty of this class and every other class at DEFINE is that you can read, practice, and participate throughout the week whenever it is convenient for you- from any timezone, anywhere you have Internet access, at any time of day. Most students spend 3-5 hours per week “in class.”

If you have any questions please feel free to email info@thedefineschool.com.

Is this class for you?

This class was designed for anyone who struggles to manage ever-changing light and feels limited by preconceived ideas of "ideal" light. It's also perfect for photographers looking to stretch and make more dynamic and interesting imagery.

You should be confident shooting in manual mode and should be comfortable with basic post-processing.

This class is an excellent next step after Shooting in Manual and a recommended pre-requisite for all other DEFINE classes.

Kellie is a firm believer that you should continue to take classes and challenge yourself with assignments, whether you've been shooting for one year or ten. Both newbies and seasoned photographers are welcome!

Material(s) Needed

A DSLR camera, and we recommend a fixed aperture lens



  1. :

    I loved this class! I learned SO much, as I always do in any class at the Define School. The specific focus on light was so beneficial! It was great to be able to concentrate on this extremely important aspect of photography during these past three weeks, giving me a different outlook on how to use light or the lack of it. The more I learn, the more I understand how the pieces of the photography puzzle all come together.

    I LOVE, love, love the videos for feedback! The teacher can say more and explain in more details and trace on our pictures. It’s much more interactive! And… it’s fun to know that Kellie is out there at 6:00 a.m. talking to us before she had her coffee! Lol!

    I also like the fact that she gave us feedback on other aspects of our pictures such as composition, etc. It helps us, at least me, with the end product.

    I also love that Kellie give us enough time to post our pictures as we go along rather than at the end of each week. I cannot emphasize this enough! Love it! Sometimes, woking on an assignment does not come as quickly as we would like. What can I say, life gets in the way! Even though I am constantly working on an assignment, whether physically or mentally, I have not felt rushed in this class.

    I certainly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for more understanding and knowledge on how to use light. It is always with excitement that I talk about The Define School to family and friends and highly recommend it.

    These classes at The Define School are my creativity retreat, my outlet, my therapy when everything in life is so extremely busy and unpredictable. Thank you for your time and everything you are doing, Kellie. We love you!

  2. :

    I LOVED this class. I am amazed by what I have learned during the last 4 weeks.

    In the summer, I really liked some pictures on Instagram by a friend’s friend and asked her where she learned to shoot so wonderfully. And she told me about Define. I have never heard of something like that before, and I think there is no such thing in Germany. So I gave it a try with Courney’s class, and was directly totally into it. Kellie’s has been the perfect next step for me.

    I have to admit, I was really intimidated in the beginning by having the impression that everybody else was at least a part-time photographer (and I just did 2 months of trying to shoot manually). But in the end, I have to say, that I learned so much by the other’s pictures and questions. I was amazed by what they were doing with their cameras and I think that this also was a big learning for me.

    Kellie made me starting to see the light. And I think for me that is the most important aspect. I am still so amazed by what I can do with my camera indoors. I even start to like my pictures more indoors than outdoors. It was so helpful that she told us all these examples of light. And the pictures she had in the lessons – amazing! The ones in low light. I loved them! Such great inspiration. Exactly what I needed. So wonderful, that she even told us so much about editing; I wasn’t expecting that.

    I really appreciated the fast format, the 9 lessons and the really fast feedback she gave on our homework. For me, this worked much more than “only” four homeworks and four feedbacks. BUT, you have to have a lot of time for that. I was happy that I am starting my full time work in January and that I had enough time to search for light and make my homework. I think, that this could be really tough with work and family, especially this light class. It is important to shoot in very different light situations and during different times of the day… And there is the weather, of course nobody can foresee this, but I would love to have more than two sunny days during the last four weeks :-(. So, it was very helpful that we were able to post the homework later, as soon as we had the right light situation.

    The videos were awesome! For me that’s the best feedback way ever!

    I would definitely recommend this class to everybody. I already did :-). I am looking forward to take new classes, just wondering what could be the next step for me.

  3. :

    This class has been transformational!

  4. :

    Thank you so much for a wonderful class and for such thoughtful feedback. I really learned a ton from doing the assignments. I feel like I have a little more confidence when it comes to choosing where to take the photo and how the photo should look. I love all my new tools like open shade, spot metering inside, looking for shadows, and all the fun low light options. Wish I was still in class.

  5. Aimee McCrory


    Everyday Light Clinic was more than I could have ever expected. The syllabus is in-depth , intense and infinitely more challenging than I could have expected. This is my 4rth class with Kellie always hits the ball out of the park.
    This class takes concepts that I have learned before and explores each one extensively. it was so rich in content that I wanted to savor each morsel of information. I was so sad that it is over!
    The best part are the Video Critiques that Kellie gives on each assignment. They are very instructive.
    This course sheds new light on LIGHT! It is a must!

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