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Editing and Consistency


Editing and Consistency


This product is provided by: Ben Sasso

Author: Ben Sasso

Editing is a beast that needs to be tamed. We all know it and we have all struggled with it. It can be far to easy to feel lost in your workflow but gone are the days of bouncing back and forth between different looks, not knowing what to do next, and spending mind-numbingly long hours in front of your computer.

This class is for those of you who are ready to hone in on your signature style, create consistency in your work, and develop a streamlined workflow.

Topics Covered:

  • SHOOTING: Shooting for consistency, finding the best light, building trust in your clients, booking clients that love your work, how to shoot more of what you love
  • PRESETS: (Ben's presets are included!) Building your own preset, editing efficiency and consistency, keeping your editing consistent, fostering a recognizable style
  • LIGHT AND COLOR: How to expose properly, coloring and toning your image, creating bright and airy images, fixing difficult lighting, creating beautiful skin tones
  • STYLE: Adding visual excitement, golden light and warmth, drawing focus to your subjects, bringing detail shots to life, adding drama to a shot
  • RETOUCHING: How and why to emphasize eyes, winning smiles, cleaning up skin, making our clients look their best, creating a clutter-free image
  • MOVING FORWARD: Applying my workflow to your style, creating an efficient workflow, always knowing your next move, creating connection in your images, consistency, consistency, consistency

This self-paced class walks you through Ben's entire workflow (in Lightroom) in a series of 7 videos (Shooting, Presets, Light and Color, Back Lighting, Style, Retouching, and Adding Grain). Once you purchase the course, you will always have access to these videos and will be able to watch them as often as you’d like. As he teaches, he will explain why and how he does what he does and how to develop that into a style that fits your work!

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