Driving Your Business


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Drive Your Photography Business Class Cover image of mother with her children on a bed
Drive Your Photography Business Class Cover image of mother with her children on a bed

Driving Your Business


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Teacher Posy Quarterman


Do you want to start a family/lifestyle photography business, but you lack a clear roadmap? You know you have the passion and vision of a photographer, but you don’t know how to get in gear and drive straight towards a successful business.

Or maybe you have been a professional family photographer for some time, even years now. You began with hopes, dreams, and goals but you have never felt that you are in the driver’s seat and you long for someone to show you how to take control of the steering wheel of your business

Whether you are a beginner, a pro or somewhere in between, this class will put you in the driver’s seat of your family photo sessions and business.

Posy is a thriving family/lifestyle photographer and a gifted mentor, and she shares her roadmap to take you every step of the way from first inquiry, through successful sessions, editing, product presentation and referrals from happy clients.

This class literally takes you through every twist and turn in the road, as Posy teaches her secrets for client email communication, setting expectations, successful family photo sessions, manageable workflow,  delivering the final product, forming lasting relationships, and bringing in referrals. She even shares her own Client Field Guide, Pricing Sheet and a VIDEO of her shooting a session!

Driving Your Business will put you in the driver’s seat with clear directions to a profitable, authentic, satisfying career as a family/lifestyle photographer!


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WEEK ONE: Roadmap step one: From initial contact to preparing your clients for the photo session, preparation is key in taking the driver’s seat of your sessions in order to produce the best results for both your clients and yourself. You’ll start by defining your ideal clients and session and map out how to get what you want from your clients while giving them what they want.

WEEK TWO: Roadmap step two: The photo session. Learn Posy’s tried-and-true approach to working with clients (including a video of how she shoots). This week will also teach you to embrace disorder and give you the tips and tricks to navigate worst case scenarios when they occur.

WEEK THREE: Roadmap step three: Post-session follow up with clients, refining your approach towards editing, and delivering the final product.

WEEK FOUR: Roadmap step four: The nitty gritty of pricing, a 10-steps map to chart your course, and mentoring to move forward.

The Schedule

All participation and interaction for this class will take place in a private online forum. (Registered students will receive instructions on how to access the forum a few days before class begins.)

On the first Monday of class, Posy will share Lesson 1 in the forum and e-mail it to every student. She will be available during the week to answer questions and facilitate discussions in the forum as you read and work through your lessons.

Homework will be due on Sunday and personal critiques will take place the following Mondays. Each week will follow the same pattern.

The beauty of this class and every other class at DEFINE is that you can read, practice, and participate throughout the week whenever it is convenient for you- from any timezone, anywhere you have Internet access, at any time of day. Most students spend 3-5 hours per week “in class.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@thedefineschool.com.

Is this class for you?

This class is geared towards family lifestyle photographers who feel owned by their businesses and their clients. If you're a photographer who wants to be more connected with the families you are photographing or who needs help preparing clients for their sessions, this class is for you. It's perfect for photographers who feels sessions often run away from them, feel hijacked by crabby parents or kids, or feel their clients are often not after the same goal as they are. Photographers considering this class should have enough experience under their belts to have learned/reflected on what is not working for them (and what is). You should be very comfortable shooting manually and editing your work before taking this class.

Material(s) Needed

A camera, a computer


  1. :

    Posy is an open book and this class was SO helpful in streamlining my family sessions, from first inquiry through post-session relationships and everything in between. Her methods for setting client expectations were gentle, clever and intuitive. Using them has drastically decreased the number of communications issues I’ve had with family clients… and improved my confidence going into my sessions, knowing that the family and I were on the same page. Highly recommend no matter what stage you are at in your business — a great teacher and a great value.

  2. :

    I’m just excited that I am moving forward in my business. Thank you, Posy, so much for this amazing workshop. It would have taken me forever to figure all this out on my own and I am so grateful to get to benefit from all that you have learned. I feel more ready than ever to take this seriously and grow into a business I can be proud of.

  3. :

    Thank you so much for this class and your encouragement. I’ve been working towards shooting for clients for the past eighteen months and I took this class to push me to take the plunge. It wouldn’t have happened without this class. Still so much to figure out business wise, but I am now convinced it is something I want and can do.

  4. :

    It may have taken me seven years to get in the driver’s seat but its about time.
    Thank you so much posy for helping me get there and giving me the tools! I know it is a process but I definitely feel as though I am heading in the right direction and not floundering anymore. I feel more passionate and focused about my work and can’t thank you enough!

  5. :

    Oooooh, this was SO good for me; so much of it resonated with me…it really brought to the surface a lot of questions I have been needing to answer of myself for quite some time. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone and forced me to get the ball rolling on a lot of thoughts I have had for quite some time, and just seriously need some action (Thanks Posy!)

  6. :

    I would say this class has been huge for me; It’s opened my eyes and has seriously helped me feel more confident and prepared. In turn, I’m much more able to be ME and fully present with my clients from the moment I arrive. THAT was AMAZING.

  7. :

    [At my shoot] I had much more control than I generally do, and yet the family didn’t even know it! This was the coolest part for me to see – that because I had done the prep work beforehand, the actual photo shoot unfolded just as I envisioned, more or less. There were literally no awkward moments.

  8. :

    Posy, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and suggestions and help the last 3 weeks. I feel like a new photographer with new ideas and fresh passion.

  9. :

    I have taken a number of TDS courses, and they have been great. Not to take anything away from any of my previous teachers, but Posy has been the first to actually take accountability to heart and task!

    You can tell that she really cares that you learn something new with her course and she is quite generous with her teachings, provided that you are also generous with your time to learn what she has to offer.

    The video of her doing a photoshoot is incredibly helpful, with regards to seeing her style and in action – she actually practices what she preaches.

    I really wish and hope that I could meet Posy and go on a live workshop with her as the teacher; but this is pretty much the next best thing to it.

    Thank you so much, Posy. I really appreciate your candor and your style – as a teacher, photographer and all around awesomeness as a person =D

  10. :

    i primarily photograph newborns, but have been taking on more family “on location” sessions. i was feeling a bit out of my element during these sessions. i hoped that this workshop could help me to streamline a session flow that would anticipate both the good and the bad that comes along with guiding families through a successful session with ease (or mostly ease!). posy not only provided an invaluable base of information for all sorts of sessions types and incidents, she covered everything that SHE puts into the pre- and post-session communication. i had many “aha” moments, and adore her for being so generous of her advice and time. this workshop has made a difference.

  11. :

    Posy has instilled in me the confidence and know-how to prepare me to deal with even the trickiest client situations. Probably the best aspect of this class is what Posy covers to ensure you are moving towards only working with people who are a good fit in the first place, which is key to avoiding tricky client situations altogether. The icing is how friendly, approachable and sharing Posy is. A generous mentor and excellent teacher.

  12. :

    Such a personal course- a really nurturing atmosphere. A great place to learn and be inspired if you’re starting out in family photography.

  13. :

    posy gives clear and attainable steps to communicating and connecting with your clients, helping to prepare them for your time together and you to get to know them better.

  14. :

    Posy gave great insight into managing a better client workflow, she teaches you how to create a system for your business, many which I’ve implemented and that’s given me more confidence in how I connect with my families.

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Drive Your Photography Business Class Cover image of mother with her children on a bed

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