Our January 2018 Class Lineup – A Quick Guide

Overwhelmed by the choices? Our class guide will help you find the perfect course for you! Our interactive online photography classes all take place in our private forum with a real-live teacher and a group of fellow students walking through four weeks of learning with you. If you’re new to DEFINE, you can learn more about how it works here.

All listed classes begin January 8th, and registration opens Monday, December 4th.


No more being intimidated by “bad light” – if you fully understand light, you’ll be able adjust and adapt to create awesome photographs everywhere, every day. Everyday Light Clinic is a unique three-week class covering natural light indoors and outdoors so that you can confidently handle light in any situation. A follow-up to her original Light + Life class, in Everyday Light Clinic Kellie Hatcher will dive deeper into the intricacies of light with nine focused assignments over three weeks instead of our traditional four-week format.

Perfect if you’re… always waiting for “perfect” lighting conditions and ready to master natural light – from bright sun to dark rooms and everything in between. This class builds off of the concepts introduced in Light + Life with a more intensive study of lighting.


This is not a photography class. This is about creating a corner of the world that is authentically yours, and creating a life set on fire. In Awakening the Spark, you’ll spend time art journaling and digging into your heart with Michelle Gardella to find and celebrate your unique potential. Bring purpose back to your work, your life, your moments here on this Earth.

Perfect if you’re… ready to start the new year with a shake-up and find who you are as an artist.


Our writing course Your Spirit in Words + Imagery with photographer and songwriter Amy Messenger was created just for photographers. Learn to connect deeply to your imagery and speak from a place inside your spirit that invites your readers and clients to a more meaningful engagement with your work – your website, blog, or social media posts.

Perfect if you’re… looking to sharpen your writing skills in your professional or personal life or just want to expand your creativity.



Go beyond merely taking a pretty picture. Visual Storytelling will equip you with the tools to step away from typical photographer-driven pictures and learn to let life speak for itself. Whether taking pictures around your home, documenting a vacation or event, photographing families or covering weddings, Molly Flanagan will teach you to capture a complete story through your own personal style using all of your senses.

Perfect if you’re… interested in training your eyes to better see the story before you and learning the techniques to best convey that message.


Whether you’re about to shoot your first wedding or your two-hundred-and-first, Wedding Photography: X-ray with Jeremy and Ashley Parsons will help you you take the concept of wedding photography down to the skeleton, sharing how to tell this story in a way that’s potent, true, and non-formulaic. If you’ve never shot a wedding before, this class will give you the tools to start out on the right foot. If you’ve been shooting weddings for years, this class will help you refocus and start fresh in embracing principles of seeing and shooting what really matters most.

Perfect if you’re… a wedding photographer or aspiring wedding photographer who’s curious, burnt out, confused, afraid of wedding photography, stuck in a rut, discouraged about your clientele, or caught in the comparison trap.

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