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Zalmy Berkowitz

Zalmy Berkowitz

Composition Clinic for Documentarians, The Big Picture

Composition Clinic for Documentarians, The Big Picture | Zalmy Berkowitz

“My life is unabashedly chaotic, and I am a firm believer in documenting (and remembering) things as they are, not as Pinterest thinks they should be.

I am a hairy hermit, sharing my cave with my wife and five cave-babies. In the moments between grunting, saber-tooth attacks, fire making, home-schooling, and mammoth hunts, I record my family life on silver coated celluloid strips and complementary metal oxide semiconductors. In exchange for blankets, wheels, and fermented fish, I do the same for others.

My wife and I have dreams of moving into a larger cave (with volcanic views) and starting a holistic school for other cave-babies.

Although generally believed to be a hipster, a notion helped by my facial hair, thrift-store wardrobe, and love of good coffee and hoppy beer, my ambivalence towards Bon Iver and my lack of flannel shirts has me convinced I cannot be boxed.”

Zalmy is also a Rabbi and has been published in none of the most (or the least) prestigious magazines or blogs, nor is he known to the general public.