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We Are The Parsons

We Are The Parsons

Wedding Photography: X-ray

Wedding Photography: X-ray | We Are The Parsons

“We believe – in life and in work – that the truth is better than the fabricated, that beauty outlasts glamour, and that an artist’s work is only as meaningful as their own daily life.

As such, our classes are a place where we foster real community, share our mistakes, and hold nothing back to see others grow into who they’re supposed to be.

It’s been said you marry someone who’s opposite of you, but we are so alike. As gut feelers and deep thinkers, we make a lot of extreme, impulsive choices and are always on the hunt for a more meaningful life. The only type-A person in our family is our teenage son, Micah. He’s actually making us write this before we can eat our supper.*

Impulsive decisions made from the gut have lead us to get married fifteen years ago, raise three insanely cool children, quit our jobs and empty our bank account and start a wedding photography business ten years ago, get rid of our TV five years ago, quit social media two years ago, move out of the city and raise chickens, homeschool, start a podcast, create a community of photographers, teach workshops all over the world, and teach here at The Define School.

It’s nice to meet you. Stop by and say “hi” anytime!”

(*this part was not true)

Jeremy and Ash have been married for fifteen years and telling wedding stories for a living for ten. They are recognized as one of American Photo Magazine’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the world and 2017 pick for The Knot’s Best of Weddings.