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Suzanne Gipson

Suzanne Gipson

Shooting For Stock

Shooting For Stock | Suzanne Gipson Photography

“When my kids were little and they would fight over a toy I would run to get my camera.

I loved the flow of events; the emotions that went with not getting your way and then the make-up and hugging with genuine eyes. I loved watching my kids giving their dad a Father’s Day card that they worked on all afternoon and the pride on their faces as they handed it to him.

Photographing scenes has always been what has drawn me to photography. Through shooting these scenes of my everyday life, I found my way into stock photography. ”

Suzanne spends her days with her husband doing their best to raise three crazy kids without going crazy themselves. Her photos have appeared in ads for OxiClean, Nature Valley, Deering Banjo, Parents magazine, Band-Aid, Whirlpool, and VISA.