Kristin Rogers

Kristin Rogers

The Inspired Home, Instagram With Heart

The Inspired Home, Instagram With Heart |

“I believe in intentional living. I desire to live intentionally on a daily basis in my home as a wife and a homeschooling mom.

We are not promised tomorrow, so each moment of today matters. I strive to be purposeful in each one of my life’s roles, namely wife, mom, teacher, friend, and photographer.

Great inspiration comes to me from the simplest of sources and I hunt down the fun and creativity to be found in every moment. I love to laugh, learn, make fun of myself (there is much opportunity for this one), let my children climb on me, and join them in their homemade forts. I am not a “put together” girl… I often discover a rip in my dress a little too late, or get caught making up words when the correct ones fail me.

My heart does a “pitter-patter” for nature, adoption, reading, coffee, thrift shops, messy hair and tattoos. I love my husband, Jonathan, and our two girls, ages six and nine. I also love God and seek to honor Him in my daily work.”

Kristin’s photography has been published in Deeply Rooted Magazine, OffSwitch Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, Aisle Candy, Love Olio, Pen and Paper Weddings, On To Baby, Inspired by This, The Best Wedding Site Magazine, Salt and Prep, Rock and Roll Bride, and Brenda’s Wedding Blog.