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Jessica Cudzilo

Jessica Cudzilo



“Just before beginning photography school, I made a leap of faith and applied the tuition money to my first DSLR instead.

From there, I created my own education and grew as an artist by obsessively practicing daily, determined to trust my intuition, accept challenges and encouragement from friends, and logging countless late-night hours on Google “how-to” searches.

As I made more friends in the photography industry, I saw a distinct need for more honest conversation and less cliché… A place where photographers would be encouraged to develop as unique artists rather than follow a particular formula for success.  The need for more honest conversations paired with my desire to help other artists learn in months what I taught myself in years left me wanting to fill a hole. In 2012 I launched The Define School, and in its first year our alumni community reached to well over 1,000 students.”

Jessica married her best friend from college.  Ten years of marriage, a house, two adopted babies in two years, and a station wagon finally have them convinced they are no longer teenagers.