Courtney Zimmerman

Courtney Zimmerman

Shooting in Manual

Shooting in Manual | Carryingwonder

“I’ve always enjoyed the process even more than the outcome.

My favorite days in college were the ones I spent alone in the dark room only to emerge after dusk.

I purchased my first SLR camera at 16 and spent most of my spare change on rolls of film. Even now that I shoot with a digital camera, the therapy for me is the actual making of the pictures; it really doesn’t matter to me if they never make it off my computer.

My passion is to equip missionaries and others living overseas to grow in their specific storytelling needs and goals. This vision stems from the six years my family and I spent living in Uganda, the richness of our time there, and some of the things I wish I had known to better bridge the gap between our “foreign” life and the people we loved and missed in the States.”

Courtney spends most of her time in her home in rural Oregon, homeschooling and herding her four kids and their brood of chickens and flock of ducks. She excels at avoiding unfolded piles of clean laundry and asking people questions. And she’s obsessed with dewpoint.