Christopher Messenger

Christopher Messenger

Connection is Your (New) Business

Connection is Your (New) Business | ARCHER MESSENGER

“9 years ago, a senior in high school asked if I would take photos of her for her family.

After I laughed out loud, it quickly occurred to me that I should purchase a camera. Once that photo session was over, I knew my life was about to change forever. It was pure, raw creation and connection with others.

One of my beating passions – in addition to good coffee, avoiding bear run-ins, smoking meats in our backyard, Hungarian wines, and blasting opera music while cleaning the house – is encouraging other photographers that they can actually do this thing we call “photography” with genuine connection and creation.

You’re always welcome in my inbox & in our cozy nook of Montana!”

Christopher Messenger lives in Montana and spends his days running around the hills at the foot of Glacier National Park, capturing fine folks from all over the world, and plotting with his wife Amy how to pursue their mission of homesteading in the Montana woods.