Amy Messenger

Amy Messenger

Your Spirit in Words + Imagery

Your Spirit in Words + Imagery | Archer Messenger, Amy Messenger, Music | Amy Seeley

“My parents bought me a Casio keyboard when I was four and a film camera that fit in my Jordache jeans pocket when I was 17.

I’ve been a lover of words, music, and making photos ever since. I’ve been a professional songwriter for over a decade, and these days I am working alongside my husband Christopher, capturing and blogging stories as a photographer for Archer Messenger.

I think libraries are some of the best things on earth, along with writing with a good pencil and making meals from scratch. We call Montana home, which means we spend most of our time outdoors and we are fans of winter, wood burning stoves, growing food, and anything that involves hiking boots and warm layers. My love for tangible beauty and good conversations is paramount, which is why y’all are invited to Montana for dinner.”