Do people still read blogs?

Do people still read blogs?

That’s good question. When DEFINE launched in 2012, blogs were all the rage. That’s how we all connected – social media was really just taking off and Instagram was an untapped resource. As everything has shifted over the years, we’ve missed our old blog a bit, and we think you probably have, too.

The industry is constantly changing and online education is full of awesome new possibilities, and that’s right up our alley – after all, we are an unconventional online school for the evolving photographer.

Six years later, our blog has been sitting mostly quiet and out of the way for a while as we turned our focus elsewhere. But it’s important to revisit Our Why, to remember who we are, what we’re doing, and who you are. Because we know you… we are you.

We believe you can work a 9-5 job and still be an artist. We believe that passion and innovation are worth their weight in gold. We believe that innovative education makes you a kickass version of yourself, not a duplicate of someone else.

At The Define School, you are not alone. You are part of a community that believes in you, that believes in us, that believes in this industry. Our blog The Define Journal is a place of inspiration, discussion, and honesty for artists and entrepreneurs.

We’re excited to revive our blog in 2018 with insight and thoughts from some of our favorite photographers, articles to help you learn and grow, and one more way to connect with this community. Because we’re all in this together.

Welcome back to The Define Journal, friends.

Image by DEFINE teacher Amy Messenger


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