Announcing: Two NEW Online Photography Classes for March


Online Photography Classes

Three of our talented teachers have been busy working on new, fresh content, going deeper into themes they have explored in previous classes. You will definitely want to snag your seat for the March session, which opens for registration on February 1st.


In addition to being gifted photographers, Michelle Gardella and Sharon McKeeman share a beautiful way with words, often pairing their images with authentic and heartfelt written essays that resonate deeply with readers. They have been published in various formats, and students who have taken their previous classes know that they have touched the surface of writing in their syllabuses. Now, in The Heart of Writing, they will each share their own, unique insights to help you tap into the writer that already lives within you, equipping you with the tools you need to grow into a confident, passionate crafter of the written word.

Whether you want to see your photos and writing featured in a print or online publication, write a killer about page that will draw clients you connect with, or just share your heart on your personal blog, Michelle and Sharon’s class will help you blast through writer’s block and self-limiting beliefs that may have kept your voice stuck inside, as well as equip you with the tools to write confidently and well.


If you have been a student in Carolyn Mara Borlenghi’s previous classes, Self + Art and The Unapologetic Artist, you know that Carolyn encourages her students to find threads and themes in their work to explore their artistic vision in a deeper and more focused way. But what happens when you’ve dreamed, brainstormed, planned, and picked up your camera to do the work but have then found yourself feeling stuck or lost? Are you heading in the right direction? How could you refine your approach for even better results? Enter Carolyn and a small group of alumni classmates.

In this incredible two week mentoring and critique session, specifically designed for students who are working on a project (or two or three) inspired by one of Carolyn’s classes, you’ll get the benefit of Carolyn’s feedback on your work so that you can move forward with confidence to complete your project. For those of you who are not alumni, this is still a great opportunity to get advice on how to move forward with that project that seems to have hit a roadblock. Consider this the perfect place to accelerate your next personal project in your own private workshop!


Whether you’re a DEFINE devotee or someone just exploring our community for the first time, both classes are open to all artists regardless of experience.

Stay tuned for our full line-up of March classes.
// featured image by Sharon McKeeman

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