Excellent Online Photography Classes for May

Online Photography Classes for May

May introduces a new class from Michelle Gardella, welcomes back three of our most popular, core curriculum classes, plus offering the opportunity to expand beyond still images to explore the mediums of video and writing to tell your story.

If you have already taken our foundational classes, From Auto to Manual, Light + Life, and Visual Storytelling, May is the perfect month to encourage your friends to take a class and get to know DEFINE. Even if you are more established with your skills, taking a refresher course can be the perfect way to re-enliven your work.

Registration opens April 4th at 12pm EST and classes begin May 2nd.



Our newest class Foundations of Black + White with Michelle Gardella will be all about evolving your photographic ‘eye’, exploring how to shoot specifically for black and white photographs, exploring film and digital editing techniques, learning from some of the greats, and collaborating with Michelle and your fellow classmates along the way.


Visual Storytelling with Molly Flanagan will help you go beyond merely taking a pretty picture. Molly will equip you with the tools to step away from typical photographer-driven pictures and learn to let life speak for itself, in all its imperfect beauty.


Light + Life with Kellie Hatcher will teach you all the aspects of light and how to capture it most beautifully without interrupting the moments unfolding in front of the camera. Understanding light, placement of your subject, and composition will lead to making stronger photographs and enjoying the process.


From Auto to Manual with Jessica Cudzilo will help you take your DSLR off  ‘auto’ and harness all the power it holds. Jessica will enable you step out from behind your camera’s automatic settings to take control of your creative process, making the art you long for and becoming a photographer in the truest sense of the word.


Do you have something to say that can’t be captured in pictures alone? Do you dream of getting your writing published? Or are your literary dreams as simple as wanting to write a compelling About Me page that connects with your clients? Whatever your goals are, Sharon McKeeman’s 4 week writing workshop, The Heart of Writing // Lesson Workshop, can help you get from concept to published work. This is a shorter, budget-friendly version of Sharon’s 6 week class with Michelle Gardella, The Heart of Writing.



Your business has a story and the most powerful way for clients to experience this is through motion and sound.  Naz Films will teach any photographer or business owner how to use whatever video-capable camera or phone they have, to capture the story of their dream and their work. By the end of VIDEO // Sharing Your Story, you will create a short video ready to post on your website and/or social media, giving prospective and current clients a meaningful way to connect with you and your business.


Are you looking for a creative workout? Then Sharon McKeeman’s class, The Art of the Unexpected, is exactly what you need. With her totally innovative approach to testing your artistic boundaries, Sharon will help you explore new photographic techniques inspired by great works of art and create something that even you would not have expected from yourself.


// featured image by DEFINE teacher, Kellie Hatcher.

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