Announcing: Our Online Photography Classes for March

Sharon Covert

March brings with it the first gasps of Spring. The snow starts to thaw. The days are getting longer. Green buds start to peek through slowly and cautiously, barely visible to the naked eye, waiting for the full show of the sun to reassure them that it’s time to show themselves and grow toward the light. In much the same way, the brightness beckons us forward too, encouraging us to reveal ourselves through exploration and new inspiration. It’s a time for inhaling, for filling up your cup, for fresh, new beginnings and vibrant regrowth.

Join us for our next round of classes, starting March 7th.




The power of the written word is unquestionable and while many say photos can speak for themselves, that’s not entirely true. Often, we as artists, are asked to share about ourselves, our experiences, and our clients. And while ideally we could just hide behind our images, finding the right words to wrap around our stories can be profound. Now, in The Heart of Writing, gifted writers and photographers, Michelle Gardella and Sharon McKeeman, will each share their own, unique insights to help you tap into the writer that already lives within you. Whether you want to see your photos and writing featured in a print or online publication, write a killer about page that will draw clients you connect with, or just share your heart on your personal blog, The Heart of Writing will equip you with the tools you need to grow into a confident, passionate crafter of the written word.


If you are busy working on your personal photography project but are feeling a little unsure if you’re heading in the right direction, or if your work seems stuck, something not feeling quite right, this two week, small group mentoring class with Carolyn Mara Borlenghi will help you get back on track. Through personal feedback on your work and vision by Carolyn, and a supportive community of other artists on a similar journey to draw inspiration from, you’ll get the advice you need to move forward with confidence and clarity to complete your project.




Driving Your Business with Posy Quarterman is the perfect class for those of you who have been feeling lost in the business of being a photographer. Whether you are new to the journey or have been on this road for awhile, Posy will give you a clear map, helping you navigate a smooth path through the family photography business.


In Living in Lightoom, Kellie Hatcher will lead you through the full gamut of Lightroom functions starting with the most basic features for culling and organizing your images and then moving into editing and making books and galleries. You’ll maximize your efficiency and speed up your workflow with functions you didn’t even know existed!


WEDDING // Movement and Light Rekindled with Sassyfras Studios, will allow your creative side to be set free while capturing a unique perspective of light and motion on wedding days. From experimenting with light to allowing emotions to break free through movement, you will capture love in a way that leaves you wanting more.


Break through into family/lifestyle photography or to another level with your existing photography business with Audrey Blake Breheney, who will bring her experience in the tech, theater and photography industries together in Breaking Through, teaching you theater improvisation techniques that will empower you to confidently enter any situation with your camera, make everyone feel comfortable and draw out the images you want to create. // sponsored by Squarespace and Borrowlenses


Learn to see the everyday minutia of your life as pieces of a larger mosaic and create an artful documentation of your month, year, and life in iPHONEOGRAPHY // Snapshot to Heirloom with Asleigh Peak. This class will cover some basic technical skills to create better photographs with your mobile device, and then will help you get organized and create tangible heirlooms with your work throughout the year. This course includes a kit to create a handmade, wooden photo box (pictured above) and a $20 Artifact Uprising gift certificate for a set of photo prints to fit inside.

Online Photography Classes

The Art of Styling is so much more than a class about styling a photo or mastering those detail shots during weddings. As a world-traveler, renowned stylist and successful photographer, Anna Naphtali’s diverse experience will help you bring together all the elements of composition, light, texture, symphony, color, and space to improve every image you shoot, no matter what you’re putting in the frame.


Shannon Sewell’s hugely popular class, the Inspired Child is back again, challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and find your niche style. Learn how to find inspiration from within and around you as you tune out the noise of comparison and competition that leaves you feeling stuck and lacking.  This class will get your creative juices flowing no matter where you’re at in your photography journey.

In WEDDING // Planning for SuccessBrian Schindler will share insight from his years of experience shooting weddings to help you prepare for the unknown and varied challenges of a couple’s big day. From communicating successfully with clients, to handling harsh light or ugly venues, and building a base equipment list to ensure you’re prepared to handle any situation the day throws at you, this is the perfect class for photographers just jumping into weddings or even more experienced wedding photographers who need some new inspiration to solve old problems.


VIDEO // Family Memories with Sharon McKeeman will help you re-imagine the family video with today’s technology. The first class of our new Video Track and just in time to capture family get togethers over the Holiday season, Family Memories will incorporate still photography, time-lapse, video, music, sound, and editing to help students explore how to capture a more multi-layered experience of the life they are living with the ones that they love.


Registration for our online photography classes opens February 1st at 12 noon EST.


// featured image by DEFINE student, Sharon Covert Photography


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