Announcing: Our Featured Artists

At the beginning of November, we introduced THE GRATITUDE PROJECT, a photo challenge to share images that #definegratitude in your life. Our hope was simply to fill our community with reasons to be thankful and beautiful images to feast our eyes on leading up to Thanksgiving. (If you never scrolled through the hashtag, go! You won’t regret it!)

Out of all the wonderful work that was shown, we’re so excited to introduce our six featured artists!


Brooke Alderson (@travellingmumma) /// Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Brooke says – “I am grateful for quiet early morning moments like these; watching the sunrise over the city while my two little loves play in their own make believe world.”

One reason we love Brooke: The rich colors in her feed make us happy!


Melissa Baerwald (@melissabaerwald) /// Seattle, WA

Melissa says – “I’m grateful for this image because instead of seeing the the messy kitchen and dirty windows, I see my two boys in full silly mode, caught up in play as their laughter fills our home, reminding me to let go of the to-do list and soak in moments like these.”

One reason we love Melissa: She captures such great natural moments – we feel like we’re there.


Lisa Flood (@ecflood) /// Wilson, Wyoming

Lisa says – “I’m grateful for my dog. I rely deeply on his company. And in this instance I was grateful that he was willing to be my model over and over again as I tried to get the shot. And I was grateful for the joy I felt creating this image and the learning and inspiration I was getting from my light class with Kellie.”

One reason we love Lisa: Her framing, composition, and use of negative space adds so much depth to her images.


Kristin Kobza (@everlyandnola) /// Düsseldorf, Germany

Kristin says – “In constant transition. From baby teeth to big girl smiles – I am forever greatful to be able to raise these little humans & cheer alongside them for every major milestone to come.”

One reason we love Kristin: Her photos are always so warm and full of love.


Cynthia Swidler (@cynthia_swidler) /// Missoula, MT

Cynthia says – “While the spring and autumn migrations of Snow Geese through Western Montana can be deemed predictable, I never cease to be awed by witnessing them. I have profound gratitude for the natural world and it’s myriad miraculous displays.”

One reason we love Cynthia: Her nature images are so peaceful.


Luciane Valles (@lucianevalles) /// Lisboa, Portugal

Luciane says – “When I took this photo I was late – I shouldn’t be taking pictures at all – but I saw her putting on her sweatshirt, the sun was hitting her hair so perfectly so I had to pause, appreciate the moment and make the click. She wasn’t supposed to be getting dressed in the living room, but kids are like that; they do unexpected things, they don’t stress out so easily and I am thankful she was there to make me pause and do something that always bring me joy.”

One reason we love Luciane: Her feed is full of great light!


We’re so thankful for each of you that participated in THE GRATITUDE PROJECT. We’re thankful for a community that encourages growth. And we’re thankful for leftover pie.

Click any of the grids above to find our artists on Instagram, and be sure you’re following us, too! We always love sharing work from our community – tag your images with #definethejourney for a chance to be featured.

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