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In our social media focused world, we often find ourselves spending a lot of time looking at and being inspired by the work of our contemporaries in a way that no generation has ever done before. Where in the past, you may have needed to go to an art gallery or purchase a book to see current works that may have been months if not years old, now we are surrounded by the minute-by-minute thoughts, ideas, and visions of others living life in synchronicity with us.

To create in-community can be a beautiful experience, as we at DEFINE know all too well. And yet, at the same time, there is so much to gain by the thoughtful contemplation of works created in another time and place, with divergent perspectives, generational influences, and altogether different limitations of their mediums.

Which is why our own Sharon McKeeman created Lessons from the Masters. This February we are inviting you to fall in love with the work of these incredible visionaries from the past by offering a limited-time discount on the self-paced version of this class (see end of this post.) We also asked two of our students to share thoughts on how the course has inspired and informed some of their own work.


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Inspired by Henri Carter-Bresson

“For Lesson 1, Stieglitz and Steichen, I was inspired to use film and underwater iPhone images by the call to action to experiment with something new. Richard Avedon, meanwhile, was the inspiration behind a series of mother and child photos I took. I began by instructing them to try and clear their minds. Then I invaded their personal space to make them a bit uncomfortable when creating the images. I then stepped back and created a few more. I channeled both Annie Leibovitz and Henri Carter-Bresson  in how I shot the photograph of the domino players, inspired by Annie’s early reportage-style and Bresson’s concept of the “decisive moment.”
 Inspired by Richard Avedon

Inspired by Richard Avedon


Inspired by Lesson 1, Stieglitz & Steichen

jackiecuervo_inspired by HCBresson&Leibovitz_3

Inspired by Annie Leibovitz and Henri Carter-Bresson

DEFINE STUDENT: Lara Austin Shoop

Inspired by William Eggleston

“One of my favorite things to do is shoot while travelling in my car. It’s sort of a rush, especially playing with shutter speeds. The interesting part about this photo is that, months after taking it, I had time to sit down and begin to read “At Work” by Annie Leibovitz (purchased as a result of taking Lessons from the Masters) and she has a photograph from 1977 that is titled Golden Gate Bridge. So seeing her photo was a cool, almost parallel moment. I felt like was was covering the ground she did and seeing something through her eyes.”

Inspired by the work of Walker Evans and Garry Winogrand

Inspired by the work of Edward Weston

Inspired by the work of Edward Weston

You too can reach back into the past to find renewed inspiration this February. Our Lessons from the Masters self-paced course is $20 off through through midnight EST February 14th. Just use code FALLINLOVE during checkout.
Looking for inspiration in a more guided experience? Our March classes are open for registration and a few seats are still available in most classes. Class starts March 7th.
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