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They shout from the proverbial sidelines, which usually means they’re tucked behind the glow of their computer screens. Oh, you know, who I’m referring to when I write they. They with too much time on their hands, they will the endless opinions. You know when these people are present because they criticize when a photographer asks for a critique, highlight what’s wrong instead of explaining how to make it better.

As any creative can attest, developing a craft is hard, time consuming and frustrating, so when the time comes to put your work online, you hold your breath and hope for positive feedback. I hate to break it to you, but chances are you’ll receive more criticism than anything else. Why? The answer changes, but it boils down to the negative climate between two types of creatives: those who do and those who merely think about doing.

Those who THINK about doing insist they could do it better, would have done it differently, might have used off-camera flash, would have left room for cropping, might have photoshopped the sunset in the sky. Could’ve, would’ve, might’ve. But they didn’t.

Those who DO make mistakes, they trip, overexpose, underexpose, they fall flat on their faces, clip highlights, crop out toes, blow out the sky… but they embrace their missteps and learn from the past. Basically, they get better.

For those of you who are doing, be great. Stand strong as you navigate the choppy waters of negativity and criticism. Trust that your mistakes are stepping stones to becoming the photographer you aspire to be. Continue to learn from the past and extend grace to yourself when you realize you have a long way to go.

Those who DO will confidently move forward in the direction of their dreams, and leave the naysayers in the dust of their empty aspirations.

– j* | Jasmine Star Photography


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73 thoughts on “What I Have to Say: Jasmine Star

  1. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jasmine on the Creative Live set at WPPI 2013. She saw the excitement in my eyes about photography and capturing people and their journeys. She encouraged me. She was excited for me. We laughed. We talked. We had a cute photo taken and I was inspired. We all make mistakes and there are always those who long to tear us down, compete with us, and step on us to get to “their” top. When I finally looked past those people and saw the love I had for photography and others none of that mattered. Jasmine we are human we have all made mistakes. I for one am sorry for what you went through because I know your heart is to share with other photogs to help them grow, not to take from others to better yourself. I look past those people and have actually started a little FB group for AZ photogs to be there for each other, meet up and share and encourage as you did for me. I truly missed you at WPPI this year. Hope you come back. God bless my friend.

    • Yes, agree. People need to DO more to clean out the crooks from our industry. We need more chlorine in the photography gene pool.

      So, yes… Good point. A call to action! Let’s retire the crooks and “reSTART” a new era of ethical accountability in the photography industry.

  2. Doing and failing is one thing, using another’s hard work and attesting it to be your own as you have done on several occasions is the very reason you have been judged so harshly. You expect others to forgive your transgressions against another photographers hard work is egotistical and if it had been done to you I do believe you would use your influence in this industry to cause them much grief and heartache. Yet you use your influence to get people to feel sorry for you, for not making a mistake, but for theft. This article flies in the face of EVERYONE in this industry who has had their work stolen, plagiarized as you, Jasmine, have done. It flies in the face of those to whose work you put on your blog, on your Twitter and made those naive enough to take you at your word, believe it was your work. If you don’t want people to judge you or criticize you then you probably shouldn’t do the things you have done. And by the way a mistake is grabbing the wrong socks in the morning or using your husbands toothbrush and not your own. It IS NOT a mistake to go to someone else’s page and take their work, copy and paste, rework it a little and put it on your own page as your own. That is out and out theft and Yes, you and anyone who does that should be judged harshly, by everyone in the industry.

    • Let’s break your comment down, yes? Yes.
      1. Doing and failing is one thing, using another’s hard work and attesting it to be your own as you have done on several occasions is the very reason you have been judged so harshly.

      This is very incorrect. Jasmine Star has been “judged so harshly” long before the controversy surround plagiarism ever arose and she will be judged harshly for as long as she creates. All creatives are judged harshly, mainly by people who are not doing the work, but by people whom simply wish they had the courage to do it. If you’d like more insight into this, please read Jasmine’s article right above your comment.

      2. Yet you use your influence to get people to feel sorry for you, for not making a mistake, but for theft. This article flies in the face of EVERYONE in this industry who has had their work stolen, plagiarized as you, Jasmine, have done. It flies in the face of those to whose work you put on your blog, on your Twitter and made those naive enough to take you at your word, believe it was your work.

      This statement is incorrect. Jasmine has used her influence to inspire and motivate thousands of people, photographers, entrepreneurs, and creatives to take their passions and turn them into their fulltime jobs. She has used her power of influence to teach workshops and excellent online classes. Jasmine was very upfront about the plagiarism accusations and addressed them publicly. If somebody felt sorry for her, that is a them issue, not a Jasmine issue. If Jasmine had not addressed the issue you would be posting a comment about her being a liar and her not being open about the accusations. So, what you’re really saying here is that she is dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn’t. Also, all of this “flying in the face” nonsense does not make any sense. What are you really trying to say here? She took work that wasn’t hers and put her name on it and then she came clean about it and apologized. What do you expect her to do now? Is she supposed to close her business? Never write another article? Begin every sentence with the confession of her choices? I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen. She is going to continue to work really hard, continue to inspire people to run after their dreams and continue to write. Neither her errors or failures will stop her…and neither will your opinions.

      3. If you don’t want people to judge you or criticize you then you probably shouldn’t do the things you have done.

      Jasmine has accepted that being judged and criticized comes with the territory of being a creative individual who is making her dreams come true. Haters are gonna hate. To say that if she had never plagiarized would mean that she wouldn’t be judged is RIDICULOUS and absurd. With great success and with great failure, people are going to judge. If you want a better idea of her perspective of people who criticize, you should read the article again. It’s a really good article.

      4. And by the way a mistake is grabbing the wrong socks in the morning or using your husbands toothbrush and not your own. It IS NOT a mistake to go to someone else’s page and take their work, copy and paste, rework it a little and put it on your own page as your own. That is out and out theft and Yes, you and anyone who does that should be judged harshly, by everyone in the industry.

      You don’t get to define the word “mistake” for anyone but yourself. It was an error…a bad choice. She has owned up to it. If you think for one moment that she is going to write about her failure as a human being you are wrong. So, maybe this should be the last Jasmine Star article you read, because she’s not going to do that. She’s not going to go on and on about it. Why should she? So that you will feel better about her choices? She’s isn’t saying that she shouldn’t be judged. She is saying that a creative should see who the source of the judgment is. Which brings me to the following…

      Who are you? What is your website? Where is your body of work? What is your real name? Have you engaged direct conversation with Jasmine about this?

      Also, can you please direct me to the article you wrote about living a perfect life? Because I’m really interested to see how exactly somebody does that.

      Lastly, be careful…the same standard you use to judge will be used against you…maybe not today, but someday it will be and I hope you remember the heaviness of the stones that you have thrown at this perfectly-human-amazingly-creative individual.

      • Beautifully said. If “stealing makes you sad”, Jasmine, then STOP STEALING OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK.

        And words DO have meanings. She did NOT “make a mistake”… she REPEATEDLY stole the work of others. She’s an embarrassment to the industry that created her.

        • Only Jasmine knows where her heart is in this. I choose to be on the side of grace and believe she has learned through this. The difference between her and us is spotlight for sure because we ALL fall short. The goal is to be broken hearted over our mistakes and turn fr them.

          • How do you figure she has “learned” anything? She’s stealing over and over and OVER. Then she waits a few weeks and does it again… in between whining and playing the “victim card”.

            There are plenty of reputable photographers for you to respect and follow and learn from.

            J* is a shill. She’s a front. She’s a puppet. How do you not see that?!?

        • I agree, it’s a competitive harsh world out there. YES there’s some people that critizice just out jealousy or just because.
          But… for those defenders:
          Let me get your argumwnt straight. ..if I steal something from someone then I just admit to it and OWN IT as mistake…then no punishment should be applied to me, right?
          Then the judicial system is wrong altogether. .. Based in your way or reasoning Bernie Mardoff should be free…after all he admitted he stole from people!
          I don’t deny J Star is a very talented and artistic woman… her charming personality is contagious and her words are motivational. .. I’m sure Frank Abagnale Jr would agree on that too as the perfect ingredient to succeed.

      • Elle I am totally with you. on all accounts. In some ways you can assess how far you have made it by the amount of controversy that gets stirred around your work.
        That being said I would say J* has hit the big time. Good for her for being human and creative at the same time.
        I challenge everyone to go and find their own way that they can go and influence the world through their body of work.
        That being said back to editing for me. ha ha

    • To Dawn and others like you, yes I mean those who love to cast a stone, I find it interesting that you seek out (after all you came to this article, you followed the link) opportunities to publicly tarnish and judge Jasmine Star.

      If you are truly upset and in disagreement with the principle of the act, the actions of Jasmine, her mistakes, or even if you will, her crimes… then retreat into silence and follow and comment on only those you deem perfect and righteous, because all you are doing here, is hurting the people who benefitted and who are still benefiting from Jasmine’s sharing… her love and her passion.

      Let me let you in on a little secret… there is nothing new you can create in this world, everything is in one way a copy of another’s work, another’s vision, all you can do now, is inspire the world to contribute, share and make this life we share, more beautiful.

      To Jasmine… I can not call myself a great fan of yours, to be honest because I don’t follow your work religiously… because I know very little about you… but I have read a few of your articles, seen some of your work, noticed how passionately you are in love with sharing… and the thing I like most about you, is how your actions reminded me, reminded the world, that you are a person like everyone else! That is beautiful. If that can be captured in a photograph, that would be art in its truest form.

      “We are not moulded by our mistakes, we are not defined by our failures. Those are but opportunities for us to respond, to react, in order to become who we would like to be.” ~ JEJ

      “We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. We need to offer grace to all, because we all need a little grace.” ~ Jayce O’Neal

  3. Great, love what you guys are doing & love Jasmine for helping every creative feel better about their work & the struggles that come along with it! Awesome when artists to tell it like it is 🙂

  4. Wonderfully said! It’s always the photographers with the least experience who troll and look to harm people. Professionals know better and respect those who are trying to gain experience.

  5. Respectfully, I honestly can’t read anything Jasmine Star has to say without wondering if she lifted it from somewhere without permission (something she has yet to even publicly acknowledge, let alone atone for) or if someone else wrote it for her. She has quite the history of using others’ work as her own (Google “stop stealing photos Jasmine Star”), and it truly fascinates me anyone still listens to her. There are a good number of truly talented people out there with insightful things to share. It would be awesome if they were the ones who get lifted up and admired.

    And I’m sure someone will come along with the “if you don’t like her why are you here” argument. I’m here because someone pointed me here because of J*’s history of not doing as she preaches. They were right.

    Jasmine, if you happen to read this — it’s rather bold of you to dismiss your naysayers so lightly. We are not filled “empty aspirations.” Instead, we are filled with the desire for the truth. There is a huge difference, and one you might do well to learn. If you truly want to help other people, then you should start with helping yourself. I’m not a hater, and I’m not one who follows every little thing you do just to criticize it. But sometimes… sometimes you just have to speak up.

    • . But she can’t really say the fact she stole photos from other photographers was a “mistake”… she knew what she was doing. This post has a good message but it’s definitely coming from the wrong person.

      • Not a fan of Jasmine, but I am curious—are you seriously criticizing her trespass without having done your own research on it? Because that would be at least as embarrassing as what Jasmine did. She didn’t steal photos. How would she even have gotten away with that? Do your own research and form your own opinions y’all.

        • She did, indeed, steal at least one photo that we know about… the one she used to advertise her workshop. Busted: clean and simple.

          But the most egregious thefts were the blog poss she lifted, sometimes word for word… and the literally dozens and dozens of Facebook updates she lifted (also word for word) from the various “Humorous Facebook updates” sites.

          So please, folks, stop trying to defend or deny the thefts. They are all verified a hundred times over.

          Maybe you like her; maybe not. But she DID steal other people’s work.

          Repeatedly. On purpose. Not by mistake.

          Own up to it.

          • You’re right “Eric”…she did.

            I dont think anyone is denying that nor is anyone defending her actions. She totally did as you say she did.

            It was a bad choice. She apologized and acknowledged it…publicly.

          • Jasmin, Status Shuffle is clearly marked as the source, so there’s no confusion as to whether the account holder actually wrote the statuses. That’s a lot different than what Jasmine Star did. Besides, that does not take into account her taking large chunks of text from multiple sources and putting them into her own blog posts with any attribution or acknowledgement that she did not write them, nor does it explain why she used a song in a self promotion video without permission.

          • Elle, please show me where she apologized publicly. I honestly would love to see it. The only acknowledgement I have ever seen was on her secret Facebook group ReSTARt. As far as I know, she never posted anywhere else about it. I would be happy to be wrong on this, so please feel free to point me to where she has done so. Thank you.

    • 1. You’re not trying to respect anyone but yourself and your own opinions…opening up with “respectfully” and following it with 3 paragraphs of disparagement and disrespect is dishonest (someone that you obviously NEVER ARE…right?).
      2. I’m sure you are just twisted in anxiety and that you are just SICK because you just DON’T KNOW IF JASMINE REALLY WROTE THIS. You must be pacing back and forth wondering if this is truly her work.
      She did something wrong. She owned up to it and apologized. She is moving on. You should do the same.
      3. What is really fascinating is how Jasmine has not allowed people who criticize her and post hateful comments about her, stop her from chasing her dreams and inspiring others.
      4. I think you bring up a really important point. Why aren’t others that are “truly talented” being “lifted up and admired”? It’s because they don’t do the work. Jasmine has not faked an entire career. She has done the work. Those 10,000 hours that it takes? Yeah…she’s done that and once these other talented people do the same, then they too will be able to sit at the table of influence. Read the article. This is merely a doing vs. dreaming situation.
      5. You say you’re not a hater and you don’t follow her to criticize her and yet…here you are – hating and criticizing. That’s not a very truthful thing to do now, is it? Also, Jasmine does not need nor is asking you how she needs to “help other people”. She has helped thousands and continues to inspire people, whether you agree with it or not
      6. Who are you? What is your real name? Where is your body of work? Again, what this is really all about is the doers vs. the dreamers.

      • Elle, you need to get a hobby. This constant apologizing for J* is silly.

        Okay, we get it: you “like” her (or at least, you THINK that you like her “image”… but she’s nothing but a media creation. She’s “keepin’ it real” the same way Milli Vanilli kept it “real”.

        Come on. There are tons of ACTUAL photographers you could idolize. Keep the crooks out of this industry.

        • So, she’s not an “actual” photographer? Dude…

          I mean, I really want to have a conversation about this, but I just don’t even know what to say to this comment.

          Her blog is BURSTING with her original content.


      • Elle, I have to wonder if you are on the payroll of Jasmine. You seem to think that no one is allowed to make a comment that is not favourable to her.

        People are allowed to have an opinion, it is a fool who blindly follows without question.

        There is quite a lot of information and history for people to come to the conclusion that she is not someone who deserves respect.
        It is a shame that so many follow without any critical thought.

        Jasmine is a marketing invention, she does not generously give of her time, she sells it, she is not someone to admire and fawn over, she stole and was dishonest in her dealings with her fans.

        Jasmine is not someone that should be held up as an educator in this industry.

        It is most unfortunate that people are more enamoured with those who sell them an idea of a dream instead of the people with talent and experience who can teach them the reality.

        This industry has the educators it deserves at the moment. People don’t want to hear the truth, they want to hear that if they just wish hard enough and pray for it, it will all happen.

        This is the biggest con the industry has ever faced. People do not investigate who they get their information from.

        The people who have taken the time to look at the facts behind the marketing can see the truth, some of the worshipers work it out down the track, others are just like you, Elle, little warriors fighting for your hero.

        The sad truth is, there are 100 newbies lined up ready to drink the cool-aid, they go into debt, they believe the hype and then they learn the painful truth.
        It is heartbreaking to hear of people who lose everything because they were sucked into a marketing scheme.

        I am beyond disappointed in The Define School giving her a platform and like I have done with Creative Live, I will now examine who I give my educational dollars to.

        • LOL…nope, I am not on her payroll…that’s funny though.

          If people are “allowed” to share negative comments about her, guess what that means? I’m allowed share my comments as well. This is the internet, anyone can say whatever they want…obviously.

          You’re assumption that I follow her without any critical thought is not fair. Just because I don’t share the same point of view as others does not mean I’m so thoughtless idiot that simply idolize her.

          I don’t believe that a person should be judged by their greatest accomplishment or their worst. I’m not stupid enough to ignore all of her original content because of what she did. That would be shortsighted of me.

          I don’t understand how you can say she doesn’t have talent and that she hasn’t worked hard to be where she is. She didn’t steal an entire career.

          I am not blinded by marketing. I am someone that knows that we are all fucked up. All of us. We have all done things we are not proud of. We all skeletons in our closets and if those skeletons came out to dance on the internet for the entire world to see, we would be mortified. So, you’re right I guess…I am blinded….I am blinded by forgiveness, patience, love, and understanding.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had to cite my life’s work and give all my personal details to have an opinion. Of course, this is coming from someone who posts only her first name with a link to a Twitter account which also doesn’t contain a real name, so there’s that.

        It’s also fascinating to me you know all about the other people I was referencing, and believe they didn’t do their own work. Seriously, I find that truly interesting. Not everyone wants the cult of personality Jasmine has, they are far more interested in photography itself. They work hard on their craft, and they share what they know. But they aren’t marketing machines. No, that is something else entirely.

        David Jay created Jasmine. He knew she would be marketable… her ability to take pictures was secondary. He knew what would sell. He knew women would want to follow her, would want to be just like her. And he was right. Some people follow her and in their eyes, she can do no wrong.

        As for Jasmine’s apologies… the only time she acknowledged any of her wrongdoing was on her secret ReSTARt group. She has never addressed it publicly, to my knowledge. Not to mention the self promotion video where she used a song without permission, and all that other stuff she used to post on her Facebook page without attribution, but was sure happy to have people think she wrote. But the big one was the stuff she lifted for her blog posts. I know of her attempts at contacting the writers from whom she stole, and she was far from apologetic to them (I have seen the text of one of the emails), and instead basically expected them to condone what she did. This is not an exaggeration. I wish it were.

        I must commend you for taking what I wrote and running with it. Granted, you ran in the wrong direction. I also wanted to thank you for proving my point about people who would come along and ask why I’m here. I said why I am here. I normally spend my internet time with some amazing photographers. And most of them don’t have a clue as to who Jasmine is, because they don’t care about the rockstars out there who just want to sell them stuff they don’t really need. They just care about photography. They travel to shoot new places, they go to school, they learn and grow and never stop. That is what it’s about. That is passion.

        I never said I hated Jasmine. I have greatly disliked her actions, and wish she would be upfront about what she did. But as for her — she’s not normally even a blip on my radar. You probably don’t believe that, but it’s true. She doesn’t interest me in the slightest, except where her actions adversely affected others. I cannot sit idly by when that happens. And, of course, when she comes along and talks about her detractors as if they are mindless idiots who have nothing better to do. If she truly believes that, then she has learned nothing.

        A good friend of mine is fond of saying “be careful whom you admire.” Especially when they have something to sell.

        • Forgive me, I misspoke in one sentence. I mean they didn’t put in the work, not that they didn’t do their own work.

        • I want to reply to this but…I just feel so bad for you. I mean, look at this…LOL

          You sound so hurt and so jealous…and that’s ok, I guess.

          I guess the only reply I can muster up to this is….who cares?

          She stole blog post.
          She stole tweets.
          She stole blah blah blah
          She’s a “marketing machine” (is being a marketing machine a bad thing??)
          David Jay created her

          At the end of the day, this is all such a small part of a very expansive, successful and inspiring career. I’m just not dumb enough (or jealous enough) to judge someone’s entire life work based on the above.

          Your accusations and opinions just don’t hold enough water for me to change my mind.

          However, they are your opinion so…you can keep them.

          • How magnanimous of you, Elle, for allowing me to have my own opinions and your obvious concern for my mental well being. I feel so blessed.

            You freely acknowledge she stole from others multiple times.There are also earlier instances of her taking content from others without permission, dating back to at least 2010. Her actions show a pattern of deceptive, deliberate behavior. She seems perfectly willing to keep doing it because she is still popular and she’s still making money.

            But, hey, if that’s what works for you, then whatever pickles your cucumber. I know how silly it is to expect someone like Jasmine Star to follow the law and not engage in copyright infringement. That’s only for us lesser mortals, right? Yep, the likes of Jasmine Star, Doug Gordon, and all the other folks who’ve been outed by Photo Stealers/Stop Stealing Photos just made boo-boos. Nothing to worry about.

            As for who cares — well, Elle, take a look around. There are plenty of us who do care. Open your eyes.

          • Good points; all. Just like Ted Bundy was a sort of a smart and charismatic guy… as long as you overlook that whole “mass murder” thingie.

  6. i always LOVE me some define school awesomeness and i always LOVE me some J* inspiration…SO awesome that it’s all one place today!! this is just AWESOME!! I’m printing it out and making sure I reference it every day. This is something I’ve started to align more with this past year and yeah, I spent the entire rest of my life more focused on those naysayers…the one’s who think instead of DO…it really does only come down to DOing!! SO SO AWESOME!! And something I needed to hear and something I always need a reminder of. thank you!! :):)

    • love you renee and J* – you are a couple of my very favorite ladies! Love to see the beautiful and selfless light that shines from you both! looking forward to kicking 2014 in the behind and DOING more and leaving behind the fear, self-doubt and emotional baggage of struggling with failure.

  7. the people who have the longest posts here are the most negative and are merely the same ‘thinkers’ jasmine talks about in the article. thank you jasmine for calling them out, they are here as we read! thank you for breathing fresh air in your situation to help others deal with negativity, mistakes, and forgiveness.

  8. Does anybody really care what J* “has to say”? Chances are, it’s all been said before (and plagiarized).

    Giving her another soapbox in this blog is just lazy. She prattles on enough… ENDLESSLY… on her own “blog” (really just one long, drawn-out “selfie”, and most of that is stolen anyway.

    Why not feature REAL photographers? I’d actually CARE about what they “have to say”.

  9. I experienced this in a forum last year when asking for critique for college work.. and it shocked me that people could respond in this way. I came to the same conclusion that some people were bravados behind screens and likely wouldn’t have the balls to say those things to my face. One of those people didn’t have any of his own work to show and was completely anonymous. I agree, keep doing. People’s tastes are so different and not everyone will like our work but for those that love it and because we love doing it, it’s worth the time to keep learning, growing and exploring our passion.

  10. “If you walk confidently in the direction of your dreams and dare to live the life which you have imagined”
    Henry David Thoreau

    “Those who DO will confidently move forward in the direction of their dreams.”
    Jasmine Star

    Just saying.

    • Excellent point. She’s still doing using others words without attribution, and she apparently doesn’t even care. Changing up the wording a bit doesn’t make it okay. When will she learn? When will the people who adore her without question start looking at her with a critical eye? When will they start caring she’s a fraud? I honestly don’t get it.

    • So now people aren’t allowed to phrase freely without being question whether or no some words are from a quote? Where do you think your own knowledge comes from? It just appears from within you? No, it doesn’t. Everything you say or write is fragments of something you have read or heard.

      It would be remotely sound to critique her for this if she had wrapped up that sentence as a _quote_ with her own name, which she didn’t.

      Way to prove her point by the way.

  11. Jasmine you are amazing! YOU have been a constant inspiration to me and because of YOUR generosity and humbleness… I have worked harder and harder every year to get where I am. SO THANK YOU! You have no idea how many people you have reached and encouraged to keep DOING!

  12. Is your own content or someone else’s? I can’t keep track any more.

    I’m afraid you fall in the “DON’T” be like me crowd.

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  14. Let it be stated for public record:

    “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams…”

    ― Henry David Thoreau

    Which is more commonly misquoted as:

    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”

    ―sort-of Henry David Thoreau

    “Those who DO will confidently move forward in the direction of their dreams….”

    ― Jasmine Star

  15. 1. This portrait of you is very pretty.

    2. Your photography is improving all the time

    I wish you would acknowledge that some of the mean people behind the screens are your followers and maybe they need to tone it down. I was really hurt by the cruel words because I wondered aloud about what truly constitutes repentance…a question only. It makes me wonder about those who give you a platform now.

    Mean girls make me sad.

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  17. Good message, but I have to admit, seems disingenuous coming from Jasmine. I feel this message is addressing only a segment of the whole story with her situation.

  18. I’m never sure what’s worse: the criticism or when they say ‘I don’t like it, but I don’t know why I don’t like it’. The power for the creative lies in the rationale and the way it’s presented back to the boss/client/jobsworth.

  19. I would like to say, from behind the glow of my computer screen… which was the same glow as when you wrote this post.. yes?. I would like to say that if someone in the art world asks for a critique they should fully expect to get a harsh review of work, and they should expect to hear things that are wrong with their pieces.

    If we knew the image was perfect we wouldn’t ask for a critique and if we do we are looking for others eyes to point out what is wrong. If you are looking for someone to tell you how good you are, that is a different field of work.

    Art is meant to be critiqued, and as someone who has been to art school there is NOTHING that can help you grow more than getting a hard hitting critique of your work. Does it hurt, yes. It always does! Does it make you go back to the drawing board and push harder next time, again, yes.

    The reason you won’t find people giving you a bunch of solutions how to better your image from line, form, color, space, or any other creative elements is because there are no “rights” in art. All you can hope to get from others are things that make them feel that the piece works or doesn’t. .. not how to fix it.

    Open up to the idea that you are working in field that is full of people’s opinions and that there is nothing more important than your own vision and goals. If others don’t like your work it doesn’t matter, and if you ask for a critique then prepare to be told other people’s options. Either agree with them or don’t, but let those opinions sit with you the next time you create and you will never reach a failure.

  20. The photography industry needs more, not less, honest critique. MInd you, some of those “mean” critiques may not contain good advice, but they should be considered and either taken into account or discarded according to the photographer’s intentions.

    But I can say with all honesty that I feel the most damaging thing in photography these days is the mass approval a photographer receives on Facebook and other media sites. It’s so easy to toss a thumb at an image, to throw an “amazing!” at an image that really isn’t. Be grateful for the feedback you receieve, process it intelligently and unemotionally, and use it to grow. If you are posting on the Internet strictly to get your ego stroked, your are cheating yourself.

    Learn to be thick skinned enough to take critique, sort it out, and apply it or don’t. Appreciate the time people took to critique your work, whether you like what you have to say or not.

    And more importantly, learn how to effectively critique your own work! It is not amazing simply because you took it. Be harder on yourself in a more intelligent, educated way.

    And also, yes, plagiarism is wrong. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  21. What ludicrous piffle masquerading as pep. That the only bit that resounded – albeit rather smugly – was deduced to be lifted from another source (without citation) hardly surprises me. Old habits die hard and all that (or don’t die at all…).


  22. First, I have to point out to everyone that, Highlighting what’s wrong IS explaining how to make it better.

    “I hate to break it to you, but chances are you’ll receive more criticism than anything else. Why? The answer changes, but it boils down to the negative climate between two types of creatives: those who do and those who merely think about doing.”

    Why? Because that is how it is done. When I post for critique I expect and want criticism. I expect to have to ask questions to better understand what went wrong. By NOT offering me criticism you are not helping me. Yes, it’s your choice and I understand that some/most don’t want to waste their time with my photography and would rather say “Beautiful! Nicely done!” or just scroll by while clicking a like button or something, but those that offer criticism I appreciate the most.

    There are three groups:
    Those that care about the quality of photography you produce.
    Those who don’t know enough about photography themselves to understand what is wrong or what could be bettered in a photograph.
    The people who sell to photographers.
    Photography workshop and product sellers who make their living selling, don’t want their clients being told that they are doing anything wrong, or anything that could chance the photographer seeking critique to sit back and really truly examine. Their business does not hinge on the quality of their clients work, it hinges on making sure their clients are comfortable, and willing to purchase whatever is needed to take their business and photography to the “next level”. They need their clients to stay encouraged and happy with what they are doing at all costs. They know that most people that have difficulty with receiving criticism need to hear “Don’t listen to anything that sounds difficult to hear”, so they will keep purchasing the next best thing to help their photography business.
    Jasime, you aren’t the first seller to photographers that has written an article such as this to their readers telling their clients “Don’t listen to your nay sayers, keep doing what you are doing. Do what makes you happy” etc. You certainly won’t be the last, because unlike most that are interested in photography and giving critique, you don’t actually care if they succeed or fail, as long as they stay in the game of purchasing, and bring their friends.

    “For those of you who are doing, be great. Stand strong as you navigate the choppy waters of negativity and criticism. Trust that your mistakes are stepping stones to becoming the photographer you aspire to be. Continue to learn from the past and extend grace to yourself when you realize you have a long way to go.”

    Negativity? criticism? Mistakes? Learn from them? learn from the past? But, according to you, all the negativity and criticism and the bringers of the news that you have made mistakes, comes directly from people who aren’t doing, and just lurk from their computer screens with too much time on their hands, just waiting to pounce on their next victim. Why learn from people like that?! and instead learn from people that make you feel good and confident, wether false confidence or not. Right?

    Trust the nice people with a bunch of cool photography things to sell and workshops to sell you, not the working photographer that has spent years providing for his family with his camera, or any of the people you have met without any personal investment in you at all, just a shared love of photography.

    So I will leave now to go tend to my empty aspirations while lurking behind my screen only to say what’s wrong with people’s pictures to hurt and destroy them (eye roll)

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