Our November Class Lineup – A Quick Guide

Overwhelmed by the choices? Our class guide will help you find the perfect course for you! Our interactive online photography classes all take place in our private forum with a real-live teacher and a group of fellow students walking through four weeks of learning with you. If you’re new to DEFINE, you can learn more about how it works here.

All listed classes begin November 6th, and registration closes Monday, October 30th.

No more being intimidated by “bad light” – if you fully understand light, you’ll be able adjust and adapt to create awesome photographs everywhere, every day. Everyday Light Clinic is a unique three-week class covering natural light indoors and outdoors so that you can confidently handle light in any situation. A follow-up to her original Light + Life class, in Everyday Light Clinic Kellie Hatcher will dive deeper into the intricacies of light with nine focused assignments over three weeks instead of our traditional four-week format.

Perfect if you’re… always waiting for “perfect” lighting conditions and ready to master natural light – from bright sun to dark rooms and everything in between. This class builds off of the concepts introduced in Light + Life with a more intensive study of lighting.

Dig deeper and explore your creativity with Sharon Covert as your guide, pushing past experimentation and building your self-portraiture and portraiture techniques through the use of available natural light – all without compositing or using advanced Photoshop techniques. Whether this is your first time experimenting with self-portraiture or you’ve been looking to take your self-portraits to the next level, Expressive Self Portraiture is designed to help you release your personal stories from deep within.

Perfect if you’re… ready to move past the basic selfie, whether you’re creating personal private work or hoping to branch out into the world of fine art photography and exhibitions.


Composition is to images what grammar is to words. Without it, your stories can be incoherent, aimless, and confusing, but when you master composition, you take a plot and turn it into a story – sometimes even into poetry. From weddings to families to street photography, Composition Clinic for Documentarians  with Zalmy Berkowitz will help you refine your composition and sharpen your technical skills to produce the best documentary work you’ve ever created.

Perfect if you’re… familiar with your camera, and want to sharpen your composition – naturally. (This is not a class on posing.)


Discover meaningful vignettes and create powerful, alive stories without the need of a living, breathing subject. In Real Life Still Life with Molly Flanagan, you will recognize the importance of the commonplace and learn how to document still life scenes without posing or manipulating.

Perfect if you’re… a lifestyle photographer looking for added depth and new perspectives to bring your scenes to life. This class is perfect for Visual Storytelling alumni (but it’s not a required prerequisite!)



Shooting in Manual is the perfect starting place for photography lovers that want to step away from “auto” mode. Learn with Courtney Zimmerman the different elements your camera uses to record pictures and how you can harness those elements to make the images you have in mind, rather than the images your camera’s computer has in mind.

Perfect if you’re… a newer photographer feeling limited by auto mode and ready to take control of your image making, but not sure how to tackle all the manual settings.


Our writing course Your Spirit in Words + Imagery with photographer and songwriter Amy Messenger was created just for photographers. Learn to connect deeply to your imagery and speak from a place inside your spirit that invites your readers and clients to a more meaningful engagement with your work – your website, blog, or social media posts.

Perfect if you’re… looking to sharpen your writing skills in your professional or personal life or just want to expand your creativity.



Don’t get carried away by the trends and voices of everyone else on social media. Kristin Rogers will teach you from her personal experience managing her incredibly popular Instagram account to identify your own style and mindset and use Instagram to reach your audience while staying true to yourself in your content, priorities, and values. Instagram With Heart is not about popularity, but about cultivating organic growth by staying aligned to your vision.

Perfect if you’re… trying to foster genuine connections on Instagram and develop a healthy online presence.


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