Come Experience Our NEW Forum!

Whether you’re on your couch, in an office, or tucked into the corner of a coffee shop, our classes are designed to create true connections with your classmates and teachers. At DEFINE, you’re never learning alone.

“I cannot believe than an online class has me this inspired and I cannot thank you enough. The forum is so functional, it’s like walking into an organized meeting instead of a chaotic group of strangers.” – Darci

Our student-teacher connection and forum experience are two of the most important aspects of DEFINE, and we’re excited about a new platform to make your classes even better. The new format is easy to navigate, gives you control to customize your notifications, and takes you step-by-step through each weekly lesson and assignment.

“The forum has felt intuitive and intimate. The students have blown our minds with their talent and open hearts.” – teachers Ashley and Jeremy Parsons

The new dashboard lets you easily keep track of all your classes and your progress through each course. You’ll be able to return to your past courses and discussions any time you need to!

A more responsive messaging system and weekly step-by-step progression layout make it easy to stay on top of your assignments. Keep track of discussions and submit your questions and homework with the click of a button.

“I adore how interactive the forum is now.” – Alena

We put together a video tour to help you get more familiar with our new home. Take a peek, and then sign up to join us for a class in May – registration is open now!

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