Our March Class Lineup – A Quick Guide

Overwhelmed by the choices? Our class guide will help you find the perfect course for you! Our interactive online photography classes all take place in our private forum with a real-live teacher and a group of fellow students walking through four weeks of learning with you. If you’re new to DEFINE, you can learn more

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What I Have to Say: Amy Messenger


Do you remember writing letters as a kid? Maybe you had a pen pal or a best friend whose family decided to move to Alaska (this actually happened to me). Or did you ever scribble notes on scraps of paper and pass them back and forth with friends in class? I’m old enough to remember

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Student Stories: Healing // by Lindsay Ritchie


Over twenty years ago, my dad handed me his old Minolta. I’ve been enchanted with the art of photography ever since. I was just beginning to turn it into a business a few years ago when I received severe criticism from someone I trusted. The words were too much for me – I shut down

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What I Have to Say: Jeremy + Ash Parsons


It’s been 650 days (and some change) since we quit social media. A one week hiatus for an off-the-grid spring break trip turned into a year that turned into almost two years now. What happened in the weeks and months following the decision could fill a book. Suffice it to say, our lives were affected

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What I Have to Say: Whitney Chamberlin


How much did you pay for college? If it was within the last eight years, you paid at least fifteen thousand per year. If you went to a private school, you likely paid upwards of forty thousand per year — before your text books, housing, food, and everything else required in collegiate life. Let’s assume

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Student Stories: A Conduit For Human Connection // by Tricia Ramsay


I have always been creative, but as so many creative stories go, I suddenly found myself sitting at a plastic desk in a sterile office under blinding florescent lights doing what they call “work.” Every day for seven years I went to “work,” and bit by bit lost my identity in that hollow, colorless routine.

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Left Brain: Two Steps to Secure Your Data


Do you have a solid back-up system in place for your images? We’re always surprised to hear how few actually do. It’s always one of those things you mean to get to, but usually don’t put into place until after you experience a major data loss. By then you’ve shed many tears (and probably just

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Student Stories: The Very Best Parts of Me // by Peta Hood


Imagine if you were gifted a perfect little package, a gift that represented all parts of you, that celebrated who you are, and when you opened it, there emerged the most powerful and much-needed parts of you that you never knew existed. That is what taking this class felt like to me. It continues to

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Left Brain: What is Street Photography? // by Michael Dees

Street photography by Michael Dees

What exactly is street photography? In my reading, I have seen no definition that is satisfactory. I’m glad to say that my view of street photography is quite liberal. These variations shared below are not so much necessary rules or essential attributes of our art, but some examples of images that we’ve all seen that

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Student Stories: Meet Kristin Kobza


“The fleeting beauty of baby-ness, our daily mess of sweet dysfunctions, and the sensitivity of motherhood itself are what has brought me close to photography. What at first seemed to be the only way to simply capture my kids has become a creative outlet that had long been missing in my life.” Along Kristin Kobza’s artistic

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